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What can Educate-it offer?

If you're a teacher at UU looking to enhance your teaching, then Educate-it has a whole range of options for you:


Conversation with an Educate-it didactic advisor: an opportunity to bounce around ideas about how to enhance your teaching with no strings attached


IT tools

The tool guide provides an overview of IT tools organised by learning objective. The tools in that guide have all been tested and found valuable by your fellow UU teachers. Educate-it will gladly provide practical or didactic support as you implement the tool of your choosing in your course.


Online modules and workshops

Educate-it supports teachers practically and technically, both with their use of IT tools and with their efforts to (re)design their courses with blended learning. Teachers have the following options:


Request an innovation project

If you have a great idea to innovate education using one or more IT tools Educate-it doesn't support (yet), then you should apply for an innovation project. If your idea falls within Educate-it's field of expertise, then Educate-it will be happy to support the implementation of or experimentation with your idea financially, technically and/or didactically.

Figshare repository 

Whether you want to get inspired or prepare your course more effectively; educational respository makes it possible. It's a tool to  store digital educational material in a sustainable way, and make it easier to find.

  • You determine what you share and with whom you share
  • You can easily collaborate on course materials
  • Easily integrate into your learning environment or share on social media