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2016-2020 Strategic Plan:
By 2020, blended learning will be an integral element of education in Utrecht.

The transition to blended forms of teaching heavily features video (knowledge clips, e-lectures, animations and webinars). You can use one of our DIY Studios to record your own video(s).

Would you rather have a professional recording made? You can find more information about that on the UU intranet.

The approach you choose depends, among other things, on what you’re trying to achieve with your video (learning objectives, target audience), how reusable the video should be, how much time you have and your budget.

Educate-it offers various tools for working with video, including Scalable Learning, Vyond and MyMediaSite. These tools can all be found in our Tool Guide.

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Curious for the ideas of other teachers on the subject of innovating education? Do you want to be inspired, or do you want to inspire others? Go to the TAUU page.

The website Weblectures.nl, of which Utrecht University is webmaster, can provide you with examples and experiences from colleagues. It also offers tips for teachers and support staff.

Tips for teachers

Copyright law means that whoever creates a work (be it an article, book, film or knowledge clip) holds the exclusive right to publicize and reproduce that work. This will affect you when you create your own videos (like knowledge clips, webinars and animations). What can you use in your video? What’s off-limits? The animation will show you how to deal with copyright law as it applies to your knowledge clips.

Learn more about copyright law from the UU Copyright Information Office. If you have any specific questions, though, you can contact the UU library via email: bibliotheek@uu.nl.


Marjolein uses video in her role as teacher at the Biology programme and is also doing post-graduate research into the use of (interactive) educational videos.

Marjolein is an expert in the field of educational video and can help you find solutions and inspiration to keep improving your courses.

e-mail: M.E.Haagsman@uu.nl

Marjolein Haagsman


Would you like advice on how to use video in your teaching or technical support to make it happen?

Please contact your faculty’s e-lectures coordinator.