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A knowledge clip is a brief 5-10-minute video explaining a single topic. The clip can also be enriched with a few questions. Students can watch the knowledge clip online to prepare for face-to-face instruction time by answering the questions and telling you which information isn’t entirely clear. The lecturer can then gain insight into the students’ stumbling blocks via learning analytics. That allows him/her to pay extra attention to those items and delve deeper into the lesson materials during the contact with the students in order to tailor the education to their needs.

Would you like to learn how you can make your teaching practice more activating? Then check out what we have to offer, and choose the form that suits you best!

  • Knowledge clips
  • Educational Viewing Guide The Educational Viewing Guide presents 10 quality criteria for high-quality audiovisual sources. The more quality criteria apply to a specific source, the higher the source’s quality.
  • Vlog Leonie Heres In this vlog from a series of vlogs, UU lecturer Leonie Heres talks about her experiences using knowledge clips in her curriculum.
  • Recommendations for using video This article provides an overview of using video in online education. The attachment contains a handy overview of the various forms of video, such as ‘talking head’ or ‘screencast’, with several questions to help the reader think about the added value of the chosen format.
  • Prezi by Winnifred Wijnker In this prezi ‘De kracht van het beeld benutten’ (Utilising the Power of Images), Winnifred Wijnker explains the key to successful learning with video. Winnifred conducts research into ‘Film and video for education’.
  • Video designed for learning This article describes the use of video in education, linked to various learning objectives.

If you would like to know which online tools you can use to make your teaching practice more activating, then take a look at the toolwijzer!

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