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Votingtool (Wooclap)


Wooclap is the replacement application for Mentimeter, and it is a voting tool that allows you to easily encourage interaction with students. With Wooclap, students can use their phone or laptop during a lecture to answer questions posed by the lecturer. Wooclap can also be used to check students' opinions on various statements, match information (such as matching a term to a definition) or create a word cloud. The results can be shown immediately, so that you as a teacher can elaborate on them during the lecture.

  • Stimulate interaction
  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Formative testing

You can use Wooclap in several different ways. This way, you can make sure it fits well with the purpose of your lecture. Do you want to know the student’s opinion about an ethical dilemma? Or do you want to test or activate the student’s knowledge? This and more is possible with Wooclap. The results of Wooclap provide insight into student knowledge and can help determine student needs.

  1. Go to app.wooclap.com and login with your Solis-ID
  2. You can now create an event and add questions to it.Aa

Would you like didactic or technical support? Please contact Teaching Support.

Can I get help transferring my questions from Mentimeter to Wooclap?

You can contact Teaching Support for this.


How do students access my questions?

Students can use their phone or laptop, and go to Wooclap.com. There they can enter the code that will be automatically generated, and shown on the first slide of the presentation.


Can students also participate anonymously?

Yes, that is possible. You can choose to have the students participate anonymously, but there is also an option where the students can create a username, or where they have to log in with a login method of their choice. Check out this page for more information.


Can I insert Wooclap into PowerPoint?

Yes, you can use an add-in for this. The explanation can be found here.


What kind of question types are available? Are these options the same as with Mentimeter?

There are many different types of questions, such as open questions, multiple choice questions, but also questions where the student can point to a specific spot on an image or questions where the student has to fill in a gap. Most of the Mentimeter question types can be found in Wooclap.


My question is not listed here.

Check https://docs.wooclap.com/en or contact us!