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Grasple is a tool in which you, as a teacher, can easily create e-modules. The educational tool contains a large database of modules and exercises on all kinds of statistical and mathematical components. It is also possible to develop your own modules and exercises. Students can practise independently with the material in these modules. The available modules have an activating design, which encourages students to complete the assignments. As a result, face-to-face education will be more efficient and there will be more time for deep learning.

  • Learning statistics by means of e-modules
  • Location and time-independent learning
  • Create your own E-modules
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As a teacher, you can use the assignments through selecting the weekly subjects.

Students can practice wherever and whenever they want with subjects that they do not yet fully understand. This saves time during face-to-face education.

As a teacher, you can adapt the content and add lessons and questions through the editor. Content that you created yourself, can also be shared outside of the course environment. The material can also be adapted and created by multiple teachers at the same time.

Grasple also offers learning analytics. You can use these analytics to check if your students understand certain subjects, and if further face-to-face education on a subject is necessary.

Moreover, Grapsle offers:

  • Different types of questions; multiple choice and open questions, formulas, texts, and arithmetic symbols.
  • Feedback on students’ answers.
  • Formative test (automatically created based on learning goals).
  • Learning analytics.
  • Editor to create and adapt content as a teacher.

If you want to get started with Grasple, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form in which you state when you want to use Grasple.
  2. Grasple will create a teacher account for you within three days and they can help you to tailor the course to your needs.

Students of the Methods of Empirical Research course practice in the online learning environment ‘Grasple’ (formerly known as ‘I hate statistics’) with the knowledge and skills they acquire in statistical education. The online environment allows teachers to keep track of students’ activity. In addition, students can take progress tests. These tests can be used to see which parts of the material need more explanation.

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