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In DialogueTrainer teachers can easily create a simulation in which students practice conversation skills with a virtual character. An example is a bad news conversation or a pharmaceutical consultation. The character reacts with both text and emotion to the choices a student makes and these choices lead to a score.

DialogueTrainer has been developed for practicing communication skills in the Pharmacy, Psychology, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine courses.

  • Developing communication skills
  • Creating simulations and own scenarios
  • Virtual characters
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DialogueTrainer can be used as a preparation for the face-to-face practice of conversation skills, so that students can practice with different types of conversations.

  1. Via dialoguetrainer.app you can login with your Solis ID and password. You will then have access to a number of example conversation scenarios that you can play. There are also manuals available in DialogueTrainer to help you develop your own scenarios.
  2. Optional: you can follow a workshop about DialogueTrainer and/or make an individual appointment to learn more about the possibilities of DialogueTrainer for your education. You can also contact us for questions or first help with developing scenarios. Please send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl.
  3. Within DialogueTrainer there are several ‘domains’. For UU these are: Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Computational Sciences, and Pedagogy. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl to get access to one of these domains, or to have a new domain created. Educate-it will contact you within three working days.
  4. Select an existing scenario, adapt an existing scenario to your own context, or create a new scenario.
  5. Publish the scenario you want your students to play in your domain.
  6. Invite the students you want to let play the scenario through their student number in DialogueTrainer.
  7. Now students can log in with their Solis-ID and immediately play the scenario you have published.

Licence runs until May 2023.

Effective communication is one of the most important 21st century skills. It is often thought that this skill can only be learned through face-to-face education. However, recently developed technology makes it possible to do this also online, for example through the DialogueTrainer tool for conversation scenarios. From the beginning I have been involved in the development of this tool within two university-wide projects (these are the projects Communicate I and II; 2013-2019). First, I used this tool centrally and on a large scale in education, namely the course ‘Professional Conversation’ within the Psychology course (approx. 500 students per year).

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