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Scorion is a digital portfolio (e-portfolio) that consists of a collection of different, self-designed forms that students can fill in themselves or have others fill in. For example:

  • Assessment forms
  • (Peer) feedback forms
  • Reflection forms

Teachers, tutors and students can see the progress at a glance on clear dashboards.

  • A digital portfolio
  • Provides insight into the study for students
  • Very suitable for internships or reflections

Scorion can be used as an e-portfolio tool in which students can gather and share material with others to document their progress. Scorion is a perfect solution to document progress during internships. Students can share documents of progress to keep their tutors at university updated. Furthermore, it is a perfect way to document progress in certain skills that need to be addressed multiple times during a study programme (for example  research skills, collaboration skills, and professionalisation).

If you want to get started with Scorion, please follow these steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl (of fill out the contact form) in which you state that you want to start using Scorion and state your educational goal that you want to reach using Scorion.
  2. Educate-it will contact you within three work days to plan an appointment with you, because Scorion will be created to tailor your needs. Educate-it assists you technically as well as didactically in this process.

The student presents his or her personal and professional development in the Scorion e-portfolio by uploading supporting materials, such as received feedback, (self) reflections, videos, presentations, essays, etc. based on the results of courses and course units (development portfolio). The e-portfolio offers teachers of other courses the possibility to record both positive and negative feedback regarding the professional behavior of the student. This makes it possible for the tutor to offer the student personal guidance and coaching in the field of study progress, personal development and making choices for the future. In addition, the e-portfolio contains a public section in which the student presents himself to third parties by means of his or her resume and products of which he or she is particularly proud (showcase portfolio).

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