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Pitch2Peer is an online environment where students post pitches. A pitch is the result of an assignment presented by students in the form of, for instance, a video recording, a knowledge clip, a Prezi, animation, poster, or blog. The focus is on concise information. Video recordings shouldn’t be over 8 minutes, blogs no longer than 500 words, and posters should be legible from 10 feet away.

Students are matched with a number of pitches for them to supply with feedback. After the feedbackround all pitches per course, or workgroup appear in an overview. Feedback is given based on criteria and/or questions.

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  • The pitches can be created, reviewed and provided with feedback entirely outside classroom hours. That’s what makes Pitch2Peer a good fit for blended learning. It frees up classroom time for other activities or in-depth reviews of interesting pitches.
  • Pitch2Peer can be used for assignments that challenge students to represent what they’ve learned briefly and concisely in one of the aforementioned formats.
  • Pitch2Peer will teach students skills like pitching concepts and speaking concisely, but will also train them to analyse carefully and give thoughtful feedback. The main focus is on the creative aspects of the assignment.
  • The teacher writes the assignment and specific scoring criteria. The students evaluate each other’s work based on those criteria and add comments. They can also assign star ratings (1 through 5), likes, and awards. These gamification elements and this degree of interaction make for a very modern approach to processing the subject matter.

If you’re considering using Pitch2Peer in your courses, please follow these steps to get you started:

  1. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl (of fill out the contact form) in which you state that you want to start using Pitch2Peer. Do this no later than ten work days before you want to start using Pitch2Peer.
  2. Educate-it will contact you within three work days to link Pitch2Peer to your BlackBoard account. We also advise you to make an appointment with our pedagogical advisor to talk about the implementation of Pitch2Peer within your education.
  3. Formulate the assignment and assessment criteria, think about how you want to go about the feedback process, choose deadlines, and finally upload the assignments to Pitch2Peer.
  4. Student go to Pitch2Peer through BlackBoard, hand-in the assignments and give peer feedback.
  5. If necessary, as a teacher you can also grade the assignments within Pitch2Peer.

Do you want to prepare your students for giving effective feedback? Show them this video!

Starting date: semester 1 2016-2017. This tool is licensed until at least July 31st 2021.

In collaboration with O&T, Educate-it has created a file with didactic tips for the use of peer feedback. This file can be found here.

How does Pitch2Peer work?

Pitch2Peer is a web-based tool. There’s no need to install, download, or update anything. Pitch2Peer is directly accessible to students through Blackboard.

Can I assign actual grades to Pitch2Peer student pitches and can I give personal feedback to pitches as a teacher?

As the teacher, you can certainly post feedback to student pitches. You can also optionally assign a grade. The grade and personal feedback will only be visible to the authors of the relevant pitches.

Can pitches, feedback, and scores be exported from Pitch2Peer?

Yes, the pitches can be exported, as can the feedback and scores.
This allows you to reuse pitches in other courses or to hold them up as examples in class.

Are manuals available

Pitch2Peer itself includes a comprehensive manual, roadmap, and FAQ as well as a Getting Started Guide. These will become available as soon as a course environment has been created for you in Pitch2Peer.

The main assignment of this course was for students to create a video assignment. This process was being monitored through Pitch2Peer. This tool allows students to upload their videos and to provide feedback on their peer’s videos – which all can be done within Blackboard. Through Pitch2Peer, providing peer feedback can be a part of the assignment which students have to complete. Teachers are able to create different categories which aims at giving students directions for use.

To the experience

Pitch2Peer scored 2nd in the top 5 on interaction!

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