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Peergrade is an online platform for giving and receiving peer feedback by students. The teacher formulates course specific feedback questions or a rubric that students use to comment on each other’s work. Peer feedback can be used with every file type, among which Word documents, and PDF files, audio and video documents.

  • Makes giving peerfeedback easier
  • Give students direction by using rubrics
  • Location and time independent
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Teacher Experience

“The majority of the students indicated they would rather use Peergrade to give peer feedback, than do so during the seminars. Especially the specific feedback questions, and the anonymity contributed to giving critical feedback, as well as rating the received feedback. A huge success all together!”

Docent K. Gielen

Moreover, Peergrade offers many possibilities to:

  • Give anonymous feedback
  • Have students reflect on their work
  • Use group assignments
  • React to feedback

As a teacher, Peergrade offers many possibilities to monitor your students using learning analytics. For example, check if all feedback is authentic and check how many words are used to peer feedback a particular student.

Peergrade is ideal to use as a peer feedback tool, so students will receive feedback on an assignemtns before handing in the final version to a teacher.

By using the rubric in Peergrade, you can create parameters for students to give peer feedback.

With the learning analytics, you can monitor which students have received limited feedback or feedback that does not meet the feedback criteria. You can then intervene by, for example, giving feedback yourself.


  1. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl (of fill out the contact form) in which you state that you want to start using Peergrade and state your educational goal that you want to reach using Peergrade.
  2. Educate-it will contact you within three work days about your account details.
  3. Optional: follow a workshop on Peergrade.
  4. Create an assignment in Peergrade. We recommend you to take an appointment in which we help you set up the first assignment. We will offer this appointment automatically. In less than an hour, the assignment will be up and running!
  5. During the course, you can monitoring given peer feedback.

Didactic tips about peer feedback

In collaboration with O&T, Educate-it has created a file with didactic tips for the use of peer feedback. This file can be found here.

I get the notification that my Peergrade account is expiring what should I do?

After you’ve registered for Peergrade it might take a while before you’re officially registered under the UU license. Usually this notification disappears in a couple of days. If that’s not the case please contact fbinnovatietools@uu.nl

Peergrade is the number one rated tool for interaction!

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