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Mentimeter is a voting tool that makes it easier to interact with groups of students. Using Mentimeter, all of your students can respond to your questions in class on their phones or laptops. Their responses can be shared with the entire class using a beamer. Mentimeter can also make it easier for students to submit questions during class. The other students will be able to see these questions and upvote them to help the teacher decide which questions to answer.

  • Assess formative knowledge
  • Start directly
  • Easy to use
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There are lots of ways to use Mentimeter. Start by considering what your class needs. Do you want to be able to poll your students’ opinions on an ethical dilemma? Are you more interested in testing their current skill levels? All this and more can be accomplished with Mentimeter. The information you gain about what your students think, feel and know will allow you to adapt your teaching to meet their needs.

  1. Visit https://www.mentimeter.com/auth/saml
  2. Fill out ‘uu’ under Your company
  3. Log in using your Solis-id
  4. Create a new presentation and add questions

Didactic and technical support are readily available. Take a look at Educate-it’s manual, visit https://help.mentimeter.com/ or contact us.

Under Type, select Quiz, then create your quiz questions. During your presentation, as soon as you get to your quiz questions, participants will be asked to enter a nickname. You will be able to display a leaderboard after each question. Note that the leaderboard scores take reaction time into account. If you’d rather they didn’t, use multiple choice questions. Don’t forget to include one initial open question for the students to enter their name.

Detailed instructions on using Mentimeter’s quiz feature can be found on this page of their support site.

You can store your presentations in different folders. To do so, click ‘New folder’ on the home page.

There’s a step-by-step guide on this page of the Mentimeter support site.

Have your students visit menti.com on their phones or laptops. Once there, they’ll be asked to enter the code that was automatically generated for your Mentimeter presentation. That code will be at the top of each slide.

There are no Sessions in Mentimeter. It is possible, however, to create a copy of your presentation with the click of a button and to add the date or the name of your group to the presentation title.

You can also generate test data. Activate and deactivate this feature by pressing “T” in your presentation.

Yes you can, and there are various ways to do it. This page of the Mentimeter support site contains clear instructions.

There is no upper limit to how many students can answer a Mentimeter question at the same time.

No, you can ask your students any number of questions in Mentimeter.

They can, using Mentimeter’s Q&A feature.
This page on the Mentimeter support site covers the Q&A feature.

Try searching your question on help.mentimeter.com or contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.


Mentimeter is rated in the top 5 of all categories

Intrinsic motivation: 5th place
Perceived learning: 5th place
Interaction: 5th place

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