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KonJoin offers a platform for sharing (research) projects. It’s a way for teachers and researchers to work with contributors and keep each other informed of their progress. This can give your research projects more exposure, keep you in touch with your fellow researchers in various fields and put you in touch with students hoping to contribute to your project.

  • Share (research)projects
  • Take part in projects, or follow them
  • Facilitate the matchingprocess of theses

Anyone with a SolisID can log on to the platform and start sharing and reacting to projects immediately. If you’re a researcher, add your current project. If you’re a teacher, use the platform to announce your students’ projects. If you’re a student, the platform offers a rich overview of the many ongoing projects at your programme, department and faculty.

  1. Send us an email at Educate-itbalie@uu.nl(or use the contact form) and describe how you intend to use KonJoin. We’d like to know what people are using the platform for and we can advise you on whether KonJoin is the right tool for you.
  2. Use your SolisID to log in at https://uu.konjoin.nl/and click ‘Create a project’ (top right) or start browsing projects.