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Interactive Document


With Interactive Document it is possible to upload documents to which discussion topics, practice questions and comments can be added. This way, students can actively work with the content of the document.

  • Actively working with online study material
  • Online interaction between students
  • Integrated in Blackboard
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FeedbackFruits offers various tools in the field of online interaction. These tools are available as Blackboard plugins. As an instructor, you choose a specific work form that you want to apply in your teaching and integrate it into your Blackboard course.

How can I apply it? As a teacher you can:

· Initiate a discussion online

· Add questions or statements to documents

· Emphasize certain content

In this way you can guide students that are preparing for the lecture. Students’ contributions to the discussion and their answers to the practice questions can clarify what can be emphasized during the lecture. How to activate it?

1. Send an email to educate-itbalie@uu.nl (or fill out the contact form) to indicate that you want to use Interactive Document.

2. Educate-it will contact you within one business day and ask you to send additional information about your course.

3. After receiving the data, the plugin will be enabled in your course in Blackboard within 24 hours.

4. Optional: you can follow a workshop about FeedbackFruits or make an individual appointment about the possibilities of FeedbackFruits for your education.

5. In Blackboard you insert Interactive Document at the desired place in your course.

6. Fill in Interactive Document and specify your preferences.

The license for this tool will run until September 1, 2024