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Revisely is an online tool for assessing written assignments. The programme facilitates the entire process; Posting the assignment, checking for plagiarism through Urkund (only for the REBO faculty), providing feedback, and monitoring the submissions and review process. Revisely can also be used for the submission of group efforts.

  • Giving feedback and grading online
  • Clear feedback
  • Efficient workflow
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  • Draft assignment, evaluation criteria, and scoring model. Send assignment to students through Revisely.
  • Teacher grading: Based on the predetermined scoring model, standard feedback and open feedback, the teacher can grade and provide feedback for an assignment.
  • Check assignments for plagiarism with the built-in plagiarism checker (Urkund).
  • Team hand-in: students can collaborate on an assignment and turn it in as a team with Revisely. All students on a team will receive the teacher’s feedback.
  • For some initial exploration of Revisely, you can apply for a trial account.
  • If you want to actually start working with Revisely, please follow these steps to get you started:
  1. Fill out the contact form in which you state that you want to start using Revisely. Do this no later than ten work days before you want to start using Revisely.
  2. Educate-it will contact you within three work days to create your course environment in Revisely. We also advise you to make an appointment with our pedagogical advisor to talk about the implementation of Revisely within your education.
  3. Upload your assignment, corresponding assessment criteria, and settings to Revisely. Link your students to the assignment. See manual for more information. Possibly, Educate-it can assist you with these steps.
  4. Invite students to the course in Revisely by sending a message to hand-in an assignment. Students log-in using their SolisIDs, and hand these in through Revisely.
  5. Give feedback and grade the assignment.
  6. Inform your students through Revisely when their assignments have been graded, they can then log-in to Revisely and see their feedback and assessment.

Do you want to prepare your students for giving effective feedback? Show them this video!

Starting date: semester 1 2016-2017. This tools is licensed until July 1st 2023.

Why should I use Revisely?
Revisely offers students a comprehensible way of insight in whether their assignment meets requirements and in which areas they still need to improve. In the case of intermediate feedback, this insight can be used to adjust assignments. Revisely also supports you, as a teacher, with the workflow regarding writing assignments: using paper will not be necessary, as well as separate mail flows.

How does it work?
The programme runs online; it doesn’t need installation and it’s usable on tablets, iPads, desktops, and laptops. Students’ assignments can be placed in Revisely, including the requirements and due date. Students work on the assignments and hand them in through Revisely’s digital environment. Subsequently, the assignments are graded and feedback can be added: standard comments from the database or personal feedback. After grading the assignment, it can be send back to the student from Revisely. The student will receive an e-mail telling him or her that the assignment has been graded and can be accessed. It is also possible to use Revisely for the handing in of group assignments (team hand-in function) or for letting students provide feedback on each other’s work by using the option of peer grading. With peer grading, students provide feedback on the writing assignments of their peer students and score each other.

Is there a direct connection to Blackboard?
No, Revisely does not work in connection to Blackboard.

How do students gain access to Revisely?
As a teacher, firstly you add the list of students to Revisely. Then students can log-in to Revisely using their Solis-Id and their password.

Is there an alternative to Revisely?
An alternative tool in Blackboard is Annotate. For more information check https://blackboard-support.uu.nl/en/handleidingen/annotation-in-blackboard/

With Revisely, the process of submitting and assessing writing assignments can be improved. Lecturer and student no longer have to submit documents via mail. Feedback that has been given repeatedly can easily be reused by the teacher. Assignments, associated assessment criteria and feedback are clearly displayed. Feedback that is presented in an orderly manner will contribute to the learning process of students.

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