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Digital assessment (Remindo)


Remindo allows you to perform summative and formative digital assessments. Exams are performed on Chromebooks in a secure environment. Practice tests can be performed either in a secure environment or on students’ personal devices. Remindo’s features, like more supported question types, direct feedback and analytics, will help you improve the quality of your assessments. You will also be able to work more efficiently by doing things like creating a database of questions and reusing them. The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma halls of the Educatorium will accommodate up to 650 students to be assessed on Chromebooks at any one time. Smaller-scale secure assessment locations are now also available at the faculties of Veterinary Medicine; Law, Economics and Governance; Humanities; Science; Geosciences; and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

  • Digital formative and summative assesment
  • Various question formats
  • Extensive support possible
Digital assesmentExamGradingRemindo
  • Question types: multiple-choice question, multiple-response question, order question, matching question, hotspot question, graphic associate question, text entry question, drag & drop question, open question.
  • Adding media to questions: images, videos, audio, and pdf files can all be added to questions in Remindo.
  • Score types: assigning points (singular or multiple true/false). Closed questions are corrected automatically and open questions are corrected manually, but still digitally.
  • Recipe: Create a recipe and select in that recipe which questions will show up on the actual assessment. Remindo can perform a selection from a group of questions.
  • Test analysis: The following values are obtainable from Remindo. At the assessment level: Cronbach’s Alpha, P, Rit, Rir, Rar, and Rat values and the standard deviation. At the question level: P, Rit, Rir, Rat, and Rar values.

If you want to get started with Remindo, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the scheduling website to plan a digital test
  2. Contact the Remindo key-user at your faculty to plan an intake. When it is the first time that you are going to use digital testing, please contact them no later than four weeks prior to the test.
  3. During the intake, both advantages and limitations of Remindo will be dealt with (60 minutes).
  4. The key-user will make sure that your course will be added to Remindo, so you can add a test and questions.
  5. Together with the key-user and the Remindo support website, you will create question for a Remindo test.
  6. The key-user will take you through some practical issues that need to be dealt with in order for the exam to be taken smoothly.
  7. The test takes place.
  8. After the test, you will check open questions manually in Remindo. Remindo automaticaaly checks closed questions. You can use data from Remindo to analyse your test.
  9. If you want to plan a resit or exam review you need to use the scheduling website again (no later than two weeks prior).

Every faculty might have a slightly different workflow regarding Remindo, please talk to your key-user.


There are many ways to use Remindo in your teaching practice:

  • Get a feel for what Remindo can do by taking a demonstration exam.
  • Each faculty has a Remindo key user to help teachers make their examinations digital. The key user offers personal support and can answer any question teachers may have.
  • The Remindo support site has clear and comprehensive information about assessing with Remindo.
  • Would you like to know more about what form of assessment is the best match for your teaching practice? Would you like more information about how to design, construct and present a great exam (question)? Or about how to grade and analyse your assessments? Then our online module on assessment is for you!