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Xerte Online Toolkits (XOT) is an e-learning development tool that lets you create interactive study materials (e-modules). Teachers can use this online development platform to quickly and easily create a module with interactive questions, videos, images, and instructional texts.

  • Create e-modules by yourself
  • Text, media and interactions combined
  • Better prepared students

  • E-modules can be used to prepare students for a lecture, webinar, (online) workgroup or practical session, so they are better prepared for class.
  • E-modules can replace a lecture or practicum, by offering the material online to the student. This provides room for questions, discussion and deepening during contact education.

If you want to get started with Xerte, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to xerte.uu.nl and use your Solis-ID to log-in to Xerte. You will have direct access to the course environment.
  2. Optionally: follow a workshop on Xerte or make an individual appointment in which the possibilities for Xerte will be exemplified. You can also contact the Educate-it desk for further information on how to create an e-module.
  3. Think about how the module will be implemented into your education and create the content.
  4. Create module(s) in Xerte (possibly with a colleague or student assistant). Make sure to have enough time to create a Xerte module. Within the Xerte environment, you will find a demo, quick quide, and a manual.
  5. Do you want to use the module in your education? We offer different ways to do so. We will be happy to help. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl.

Starting date: semester 1 2016-2017. This tool is licensed until June 30th 2023.

How do I give students access to an e-module I created in Xerte?

There’s an ‘export’ feature in your e-module’s project properties in Xerte. You can put the module in your Blackboard course environment as a SCORM package. Your students will access the module through your course.

I’d like to get started right away. Where do I begin?

There is a Xerte quick start guide.

Xerte is rated in the top 5 on two subjects:

Intrinsic motivation: 4th place
Perceived learning: 3rd place

Check out the overview here

There are various ways a teacher might implement e-modules. One way is as preparation for a lecture or practical, which ensure they come to class better prepared. An e-module could also replace a lecture or practical by offering the subject matter online, which creates time and space in the classroom for questions, discussion and in-depth exploration of the subject matter.

To the experience

Be Prepared! How Pre-lab Modules Affect Students’ Understanding of Gene Mapping

Lab activities are characteristic of life science education. In the current study, we investigate whether pre-lab modules can improve students’ understanding of the theories and experimental procedures associated with lab activities. Such effects were studied in context of an expository lab on gene mapping in biology undergraduate education.

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