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Creating knowledgeclips


Knowledge clips are short videos, usually about 5 minutes long, that explain difficult concepts from the course. Using MyMediasite, you can record your own knowledge clips either from home or in a DIY studio.

  • Independently record knowledge clips
  • Diving in deeper during classes
  • Time and space independent
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  • Part of the knowledge transfer for your course will take place online, creating room in your classroom teaching to explore the finer points of the subject matter.
  • Knowledge clips can be used to include remote guest speakers in a course.
  • Students view knowledge clips in their own time, wherever they like, and at their own pace. This has been known to motivate them.
  • Teachers can monitor which knowledge clips students (re)view most and adjust their classroom teaching accordingly.
  • You can add questions to knowledge clips so that students actively engage with the clip. This is accomplished with the Scalable Learning tool.

If you want to get started with MyMediasite, please follow these steps:

  1. Request your MyMediasite account here. It takes up to two work days until your account will be made available. When your account has been created, you can log on through mediasites.sites.uu.nl.
  2. Reserve a DIY studio using your Outlook Calender (https://educate-it.uu.nl/opnemenindiy-studio/) or contact the Educate-it desk. You should also contact Educate-it if you would like to be supported in the recording of your video.
  3. For tips regarding the preparation of your knowledge clip, please see the e-module. We also offer workshops on how to make knowledge clips. Please see the agenda on our website.
  4. Go to the studio and bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB.
  5. In the studio, you will find a manual on how to record your video. The first time you log on to the computer might take a little longer than you are used to. It is not possible to use your own device in the DIY studio.
  6. Record your knowledge clip.
  7. Tidy up the room and hand in the key.

For more information on MyMediasite, please see the manual.

What’s the difference between knowledge clips and e-lectures?
A knowledge clip is a short video, no longer than 5 or 10 minutes, that explains a single, specific topic. Having watched such a video (and having completed any associated exercises), the student will come to class better prepared. This allows the teacher to use classroom time to explore the details and background of the subject matter.

E-lectures are recordings of traditional lectures, which you can make available to students as a service. You could record one yourself using a MyMediasite account or you could have someone come out to record it. For the latter, contact LectureNet.


Where can I find a DIY studio?
In support of innovating teaching and offering blended forms of education, the Educate-it programme has opened DIY studios in the city centre and De Uithof. These DIY studios are available to all teachers at faculties of Utrecht University:

  • DIY Studio Buys Ballot building Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL), room 3.25
  • DIY Studio Descartes building, room 2.01
  • DIY Studio Hugo R. Kruyt building, room Z4.05
  • DIY Studio KNG80, room 1.03
  • DIY Studio University Library, room 2.48

Students can use the DIY studio in the University Library in De Uithof.

Knowledge clips are watched to prepare for a lecture, to learn more about the subject matter, or to prepare for the exam. Students can obtain knowledge anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. Knowledge clips can also be purpose-made in response to questions on discussion forums. A knowledge clip is a 5- to 10-minute video about a specific topic.

To the experience

According to students, knowledge clips really exceeded at:

Intrinsic motivation: 1s place
Teaching: 1st place

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