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Reading Comprehension


FeedbackFruits Comprehension allows you to support students' reading skills and comprehension of texts, by providing insight into subtopics in a text. Students actively engage with the text by making notes and/or summaries for each subtopic.

  • Actively engage with online study materials
  • Online interaction between students
  • Integrated into Blackboard
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FeedbackFruits offers various tools in the field of online interaction. These tools are available as Blackboard plugins. As an instructor, you choose a specific work form that you want to apply in your teaching and integrate it into your Blackboard course.

As a teacher, you can provide structure by specifying subtopics to a document in advance. Students can then actively (and specifically) work with the content of the document by:

  • Selecting pieces of text and indicating to which subtopic the piece of text belongs
  • Making notes (on the subtopics and the selected pieces of text)
  • Writing summaries (for the sub-issues)
  • Reviewing each other’s notes and summaries

A teacher uploads an article on climate change into FeedbackFruits Comprehension. In doing so, the teacher creates three subtopics:

  • Technological innovations
  • Behavioral changes
  • Psychological effects

In Feedbackfruits Comprehension, students select relevant information from the text for each subtopic, take notes, and create a summary for each subtopic. Then they can also read from their peers the notes and summaries to the three subtopics in the text.

In FeedbackFruits Interactive Document, an instructor links practice questions or discussion questions to a specific sentence or paragraph, allowing students to see and answer the questions directly with that piece of text. In FeedbackFruits Comprehension, the teacher sets a number of subtopics for a text. The students themselves search the text for where and how these subtopics appear in the text. They look for the information about the subtopic and summarize it if necessary.

  1. Please fill out the contact form to indicate your desire to use Comprehension.
  2. After receiving the information, the plugin will be turned on in your course in Blackboard within 24 hours.
  3. Optional: you can follow a workshop about FeedbackFruits or make an individual appointment about the possibilities of FeedbackFruits for your education.
  4. In Blackboard, insert Comprehension at your desired location in your course.
  5. Complete Comprehension further and specify your preferences.

The license of this tool runs until September 1, 2024.