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Using Assignment review you can provide detailed and structured feedback on your students' work.

  • Giving online feedback on assignments
  • Quick and easy to realize
  • Integrated in Blackboard
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FeedbackFruits offers various tools in the field of online interaction. These tools are available as Blackboard plugins. As an instructor, you choose a specific work form that you want to apply in your teaching and integrate it into your Blackboard course.

In Assignment Review you create an assignment where students can hand in their work. You define criteria beforehand, and you choose whether you want to grade this on a scale or a rubric. After the deadline you check the uploaded assignments online. Criteria and extra feedback can be matched to relevant parts of the work by selecting the corresponding text. This will make it easier for the student to see where they can improve. Students can respond to their feedback online and ask for more explanation.

  1. Fill out the contact form and tell us you want to start using Assignment Review.
  2. After receiving all information we will active the plugin in Blackboard within 24 hours.
  3. Optional: you can attend a workshop about FeedbackFruits or you can plan an individual meeting to discuss the possibilities of using FeedbackFruits in your course.
  4. You add Assignment Review in Blackboard at the right part in your course.
  5. Fill out the rest of the Assignment Review and specify your preferences.

This tool is licensed till September 1st 2024.