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The Utrecht Model of Education

The Utrecht Model of Education can be defined by stimulating education in small groups in which students are responsible for their own development and academic progress. Good teachers, personal, and stimulating education, and frequent feedback in communities of students and teachers are the success factors for students at Utrecht.

This is why students find themselves in a stimulating learning environment that aligns with their talents and ambitions. The model has been the bedrock of many of the university's success stories, like its drastic reduction of first-year drop-outs, the high student satisfaction rate and better academic outcomes. As a student or teacher at Utrecht University, you will work and/or study according to this model.

The four main pillars of the Utrecht model of education are:

  • A clear distinction between the Bachelor's and Master's phases
  • Flexibility and Freedom of Choice
  • Small-scale and Engaging Teaching
  • Teacher Development

In 2018 the model was expanded upon with three new pillars: 'Customised Learning', 'Evidence-based Higher Education', and 'Sustainable Innovation'.