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Skills training is a feature of almost all of the study programmes at Utrecht University. That includes learning activities, such as presentations, conducting a bad news interview, or experimenting with expensive materials. Practicing these academic, communications and lab skills is essential for students, as it prepares them for their future careers. However, offering every student an opportunity to practice these skills and providing them with feedback can be a real challenge. Online tools are one way to practice a wide range of skills in a suitable context and a secure environment. Depending on the chosen tool, the feedback could be generated automatically, provided by fellow students, or given by the lecturer him/herself.

Would you like to learn how you can train skills in your curriculum? Check out what we have to offer, and choose the form that suits you best!

Entrepreneurial skills

In collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship a new online training is developed. This training provides information about entrepreneurship education. How can you implement this in your own courses and how do you stimulate the entrepreneurial skills of your students?

To the training

Academic skills:

  • Read the background article by DUB in which lecturer Kirsten Namesnik talks about her experiences using the Grasple tool to teach statistics.

Communication skills:

  • Would you like to experience what it’s like having a conversation with a virtual character? Then complete the Communicate! demo scenarios.
  • Read the blog by lecturer Isabella Spaans about her experiences using an online tool to train students how to use interview techniques.

Lab skills:

  • The book Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Cellular Pathology features a chapter on Virtual Microscopy that also deals with the features of PathXL
  • Entrepreneurship skills A new online training course has been developed in cooperation with the Centre for Entrepreneurship to provide information about entrepreneurship education. How can you as a lecturer include entrepreneurship education in your existing courses, and how can you encourage entrepreneurship skills in your students? Sign up for the training course.

If you would like to know which online tools you can use to help your students train useful skills, then take a look at the toolwijzer!

If you would like to find inspiration in how your colleagues have helped students train useful skills, then visit the inspiration page!