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Programme purpose

The didactic requirements of teachers who want to enhance their courses can vary wildly. Many teachers want their students to come to class better prepared or for there to be more interaction in the classroom. Others want digital assessment, or to grade written work digitally, or for their students to train their communication skills online. Educate-it offers teachers a wide range of IT tools of which educational value has already been proved to suit diverse didactic goals and will gladly support the implementation of those tools.

The use of IT is not a goal unto itself, but should always contribute to better teaching and more effective learning. Educate-it provides technical, practical and didactic support to teachers who are (re)designing their courses to incorporate blended learning or enhancing their courses with the available IT tools.

Educate-it also studies the effect of IT on education. All educational innovation are studied to determine their contribution to improving the quality of education. Click here for more information.

The teachers themselves are leading the charge on these educational innovations. Sustainably improving education at UU is part of their professional development. Teachers who have their own ideas of how to use IT tools to improve the quality of their teaching can request their own innovation project.