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Programmatic Assessment

Programmatic assessment integrates studying and testing. It provides insight into the student’s personal development. It informs teachers about the quality of their teaching. Meaningful feedback and reflection on that feedback are essential elements of programmatic assessment.

How does it benefit education?

Right now, whether a student passes a course is often determined by the result of a single exam. This leaves a great deal of potentially valuable information to go to waste. A programmatic approach to assessment can help. This approach aligns perfectly with the Utrecht Model of Education, which focuses on personal and engaging teaching that makes the student responsible for their own development.

Information will follow

Since October 2019 there is a Special Interest Group for employees of the UU who are interested in Programmatic Assessment. This Special Interest Group is being held four times a year. For more information you can contact: teachingsupport@uu.nl.

There’s done research about Programmatic Assessment. Via this link you can find different research articles of Programmatic Assessment. Also read this article about programmatic assessment.

There are more projects which are related to Programmatic Assessment. These projects are explained below.


Equality is a project with a central goal. The goal is to develop a user-friendly, online system which educations help to develop a vision and to improve assessment. For more information you can visit this website.

Incremental Grading:

In this USO-project students get the possibility to submit their own assessment request. They deliver up their product, fill in the corresponding rubric and argue their own request. Thereafter the teacher look at the request, give feedback and validate the request in case if it is right.

Via this website you can find the approach about Incremental Grading and the expected benefits from this way of testing.

Implementing programmatic assessment is something you do department-wide, not all by yourself. If you have your own ideas about how to implement programmatic assessment, talk about it with others at your department. To discuss what’s next and to learn more about programmatic assessment, get in touch with Educate-it.