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Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

To meet the demands of students and teachers alike and to keep up with current and future technological developments, Educate-it has started its own innovation project to look for a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) in parallel with the European LMS tender process. The goal is to make it possible to respond swiftly and nimbly to innovations and changes in an ever-growing and increasingly varied range of e-learning applications. More and more learning processes and specialised audiences are being supported with technological developments. To continue to provide the support that is needed, it is vital to start experimenting now with alternatives to an All-in-one LMS solution. A project group is exploring UU's options concerning a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment, taking into account the collected requests and requirements. Teachers, students and support staff interested in taking part in this experiment are encouraged to express their interest by emailing educate-it@uu.nl. The following animation provides some idea of what such an NGDLE might look like.

The development of a Next Generation Learning Environment (NGDLE) will free education at UU from constraints of time and location. The NGDLE will also support the development and maintenance of virtual and in-person communities both on-campus and off.