5 February 2021


Utrecht University offers several MOOCs: Massive Online Open Courses. These allow you to explore scientific subjects from the comfort of your own home. As the name implies, these courses are free and open to everyone. On 10 February Utrecht University launches a new MOOC: The Exposome - cracking the science about what makes us sick. Exposome research requires transdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, this MOOC will be of interest to current and prospective students and researchers in the fields of public health, environmental health, life sciences, clinical medicine, geosciences, humanities, and social and behavioural sciences. Join us and sign up!  The exposome: a wild ideaWhat are the causes of disease? We know that most diseases result from a combination of genes and environment (nature and nurture). Our genes alone do not determine our fate. For most complex diseases, externalities - environmental factors in the broad sense - are more important. This includes our living and working environments, diet, social support and stress, pollution, and exposure to infectious agents. Exposome research is about discovering the non-genetic drivers of health and disease. Derived from the term exposure, the Exposome represents the totality of exposures we face throughout our lifetime. It also represents the biological responses that arise from external exposures. Join our experts in this 6-week courseIn this MOOC researchers from Utrecht University and/or the NWO Gravitation programme Exposome-NL will offer their expertise. Amongst others Roel Vermeulen, Virissa Lenters and Daniel Oberski will introduce you to the exposome concept; why it’s important; how we measure the exposome; and the data sciences steps needed to establish associations with health outcomes. This course will conclude with reflections on what is needed to advance this nascent and transformative field of research. Each course week contains at least one lecture or interview video, some reading, a discussion assignment and a short quiz to test your own knowledge. In the last course week you will make a final assignment where you apply all the knowledge you’ve obtained in this course. Also, you will provide at least one of your fellow learners with feedback on their assignment. Can’t wait to get started? You might want to check out this story before the MOOC starts: 

29 January 2021

Follow open online courses (MOOCs) at Utrecht University!

Do you want to learn more about the importance of equality for democratic societies? Or are you interested in how recent societal and technological developments have changed the work of professionals? Then sign up for the upcoming sessions of the MOOCs Inequality and Democracy and Professionalism in an era of change at Utrecht University! The MOOCs will start on February 10, 2021. Sign up for free now! Next to these two MOOCs you can register for one of the five other MOOCs of Utrecht University.

18 December 2020

Sign up for the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week (online): 1 February - 5 February 2021

It's time for another edition of the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week! The programme is finalised and offers UU teachers a wide range of online sessions develop and strengthen their education: there are webinars, inspiration sessions with students and teachers and workshops. The Strengthen-Your-Education-Week is organised by the partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching. Are you looking for ways to develop and strengthen your education? Are you struggling with online and distance learning issues and would you like advice from experts, fellow teachers and students? Then sign up for one or more sessions in the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week from 1 February until 5 February 2021! Click here for the programme and sign up:

18 December 2020

Adjusted opening times Teaching Support

During the Christmas holidays the opening hours of Teaching support have been adjusted: - Until December 23rd: regular opening hours - December 24th till January 1st: counter closed - 4 January to 8 January: open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more info: go to

29 November 2020

Improve your online education: new series of webinars and Q&A's

In December there will again be a series of interesting webinars and Q&A's for lecturers. We will highlight a few sessions. InteractionDo you need practical and didactical tips regarding interaction, or are you curious about experiences of colleagues? During this session, on 1 December, we will focus on stimulating interaction in online education. We will look at teacher-student interaction and student interaction. We will look at getting to know each other and at different working methods that can be used to stimulate interaction and activate students. This session will be provided by educational advisors Sanne Scheurs and Annet van der Riet. Teacher Stef Dingmans also shares his experiences. AssessmentIn this session,on 8 December, we will answer your questions about assessment in times of Corona. Do you need practical and didactical tips regarding this subject, or are you curious about experiences of colleagues? Educational advisors and test experts Frans Prins and Claudy Oomen explain how to make an alternative assessment plan, for the case you cannot assess on location nor can use online proctoring. Hybrid educationAre you faced with the challenge of giving a lecture in which both on-campus and remote students participate? Do you need practical tips or points of attention that you should take into account in such a hybrid educational situation? Or do you have questions about how to work with group assignments or discussions between students? During this webinar, on 10 December, the colleagues from Education Advice and Training and Educate-it will take you along in answering all these questions. The hosts of this meeting will be Aleid de Jong and Sanne Schreurs. The complete overview of these online events can be found here.If you are unable to attend these sessions, we may be able to provide you with individual advice or support. Please contact Teaching Support. You can find all tips and sessions on remote teaching here.

13 November 2020

Save the date: Strengthen-your-education week 1 to 5 February 2021

“It was an interesting gathering with diverse people. Good discussions. I got some new ideas.”  “Good to share topics with different faculties.”  The Strengthen-your-education-week is starting to become a well-known phenomenon. Twice a year, UU lecturers can attend all kinds of workshops and lectures during this week, aimed at strengthening their education. Teachers have experienced the past editions as inspiring. The upcoming winter edition will take place from 1 to 5 February 2021. The Strengthen-your-education-week will be online and is organised by the partners of the Centre for Academic Teaching. All teachers of Utrecht University are welcome to attend the activities. Curious about the programme? Fill in this form and we will keep you updated!