5 July 2020

New: support for UU teachers via Teaching Support

In the recent period, all teachers had to start rearranging their teaching: teaching remotely became the norm. Teachers have quickly set to work on this in order to continue teaching as well as possible. The CvB has repeatedly expressed its appreciation for this tremendous achievement and students were also happy that 'normal' education was given after all. And although education on location will fortunately become possible again more often, it seems that for the time being, remote teaching education will remain very important.  Questions about education  How do you get more interaction with your students online? Which tools can you use? How do you reach your educational goals? And what possibilities are there to test online? The partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching, including Educate-it, Educational Consultancy & Professional Development (O&T) and TAUU, organised webinars and Q&A's to answer these kinds of questions. A teachers' survey showed that teachers could no longer see the wood for the trees: which party can you turn to for which question?That is why it was decided to organise Teaching Support, a helpdesk in which the partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching pool their services and expertise.  All teachers can come here with all their questions. Not just for the present time, but as a new, permanent service.   How do you reach Teaching Support?  Teaching Support will be available from 6 July via or 030-2532197. Teaching Support can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 17.00 hours. You are assisted by a teacher assistant who can help you directly or who knows exactly who can help you with your question. You will then be referred immediately.   An overview of all contact details will become available as a PDF shortly.

20 May 2020

Strengthen-your-education-week online. Block 29 June until 3 July in your diary!

After two successful previous editions, the Strengthen-your-education-week returns this summer. Are you in need of some inspiration and time to strengthen your education? Block 29 June until 3 July in your agenda. Due to the coronavirus regulations, the Strengthen-your-education-week will be held online. In consultation with the faculties this edition will be a ‘light’ version, with 2 or 3 activities per day. Programme Partners of the Centre for Academic Teaching, including Educate-it, Educational Consultancy & Professional Development, the Teaching & Learning Lab and teacher community TAUU will join forces to offer an interesting programme, which will inspire you and help you to develop and strengthen your own teaching. Join to work specifically on your education or simply learn more about good practices! The following topics will be included in the programme: Sustainable education Good practices from periods 3 and 4 Preparatory activities for period 1 2020-2021 The programme is relevant for all UU teachers, including those who have participated in the Strengthen-your-education-week in the past. Participants of the winter-edition were enthusiastic: “Even though I've attended a similar workshop before, it was very nice. The time-span was adequate (in 2 hours you can actually achieve something), the workshop leaders were motivated and really tried to make us think about integrating these ideas into our own teaching”. Stay informed All teachers at Utrecht University are welcome and participation is free! Would you like to stay informed on the programme and receive an email when registration is open? Let us know on this form! Keep me posted!

19 May 2020

Sign up for the new online module ‘Online education: context and design’!

Would you like to know more about what online education is, how to design online education and what it can bring you – also after this period of the corona crisis? Then sign up for this free online course that not only covers the design of online education, but also the theoretical and didactic context of online education and its added value. This training is about what online education is and how you can design your own online education. Based on a number of steps, you will learn how to develop online education. Online education and online teaching are very different from the usual on-campus teaching. For this reason, this training course also specifically addresses online didactics and points for attention when teaching online. The training covers various applications of online education, with more extensive attention being paid to one application: Virtual Exchange. This is an application that allows you to open up your online course for students from partner universities. The UU intends to further develop and deploy this application in the coming years, in collaboration with a number of European universities. The online module takes about 3 hours to finish. If you choose to take the assignments in the course, another 45 minutes will be added. You will be guided by advisors from Educate-it. Sign up here and start right away!

7 May 2020

Webinar Formative testing and Oral Examination

Date: Thursday 14 May Time: 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. This webinar focuses on formative tests and oral examination. It discusses insight into the learning process, evaluation of learning, feedback for students and instructors, effective feedback and feedforward. Marlies van Beek of Onderwijsadvies & Training and Melvin van Puffelen of Educate-it share their expertise and answer any questions you may have. Do you want to participate and do you have questions about one of these topics, do you want to share a case, submit a practical problem? Mail this to Marlies van Beek no later than Tuesday 12 May, then we will try to include it in the preparation of the webinar. Language: NL/EN To the webinar

3 May 2020

Follow open online courses (MOOCs) at Utrecht University!

Do you want to learn more about the importance of equality for democratic societies? Or are you interested in how recent societal and technological developments have changed the work of professionals? Then sign up for the upcoming sessions of the MOOCs Inequality and Democracy and Professionalism in an era of change at Utrecht University! You can sign up for free until May 4 2020. Next to these two MOOCs you can register for one of the five other MOOCs of Utrecht University.

28 March 2020

Daily online sessions on remote teaching

Would you like to know how to prepare your course for period 4 using the available tools? Or do you have questions about the use of a specific tool? Would you like to hear how fellow teachers provide their teaching online? We are happy to help you in these daily webinars and Consultation hours on various topics and themes. Educational advisors and experts from Onderwijsdvies & Training (O&T) and Educate-it are ready to provide you with didactic and practical information and answer your questions. All questions that cannot be answered directly, will be looked into and answered later. Date Time Online session Thu April 30th 10:00 - 11:00 Consultation hour: Online Assessment Wed May 6th 10:00 - 11:00 Consultation hour: Remote Teaching Thu May 7th 10:00 - 11:00 Consultation hour: MS Teams In a webinar, a particular teaching tool is presented to teachers both didactically and practically. In an online consultation hour, teachers ask questions and the moderator gives the floor to the right Educate-it or O&T expert. Participants can enter during the session, the moderator monitors who enters and ensures that new questions are dealt with.During all these sessions, educational advisors and experts from Educational Consultancy & Professional Development and Educate-it are present. They are ready to provide you with didactic and practical information and answer any questions you may have. There is no need to register. You can join a session on a day and time that is good for you. Simply click on the link next to the sessions in the overview. Questions about remote teaching that are discussed in the Q&A sessions are collected on the TAUU forum. Would you like to contribute to a Q&A session? Get in touch via Recordings available: All recordings of past sessions are available online. View them here.