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More interaction with my students


Teacher Dorien Nieuwenhuijsen
“I keep my students at the edges of their seats”


Student Ivo Hora
“We use stars and reviews to strengthen each other’s work”

But how?

Interaction is not just fun, it can contribute meaningfully to the learning process. Most teachers would say that they consider interaction with their students one of the most valuable aspects of their course. But how much room for interaction is there really? Lectures are often used to review the textbook, work groups are often overpopulated, and students can prove difficult to reach. Is there another way? Certainly!

You might consider having (part of) the transfer of knowledge take place before class. This will create valuable space in the classroom to work on the things your students find most difficult or to engage more meaningfully with the subject matter with things like case studies. You can apply this method in small groups as well as larger ones. What can help you make this a reality?

You can use knowledge clips for online knowledge transfer. Do you worry your students don’t really understand what they’re reading? Are you interested in providing a tailor-made experience for the students in your classroom? Then you may want to embed questions into your knowledge clips that your students can answer to receive valuable feedback.

Even with online preparation, it can still be difficult to have meaningful interactions with your students in the classroom. In a small group you might have your students put their names on paper signs in front of them. Addressing students by name can help increase interaction and help you interact with as many of them as you can. That’s not practical with larger groups. There, a voting tool can prove very helpful. Using a voting tool, each student can answer your questions from their own smartphone or laptop. What do they already know? What do they struggle with? You could throw an exam question at them, for example. This will engage your students while at the same time showing them how much they (don’t) know. If you’d like to know what they think and how they’d rate your course, a voting tool is a quick and easy way to survey the whole group. You can even show the results in real time. This provides an opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned about your students’ knowledge and opinions right there in the classroom.

These are just two of the many solutions Educate-it can offer. We can also advise you on how to stimulate interaction among, rather than with, your students.

Let's work together!

Are you interested in using a voting tool? Are you curious about what else we have to offer? Come check out our tool guide.

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If you’re unsure where to start or how to continue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll work together to determine what tools will most benefit your teaching and how we can help you implement them.