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Month of the skills


Many academic programmes incorporate communication, academic or lab skills, teaching things like delivering bad news, performing captivating presentations or experimenting on precious materials. For students, practicing these skills is an important part of the programme and vital preparation for their careers. Teachers can use online tools to help their students practice. Educate-it helps those teachers.

  • With these tools, students can practice their skills digitally in a secure and familiar environment, as often as they want or need.
  • Students receive the feedback they need to develop their skills from the tool itself or digitally from their teachers and peers.
  • This provides students an important opportunity to practice their skills before they have to use them in their classes or careers.

How can Educate-it help?


Do a workshop

Talk it through – Discuss your plans with a didactic advisor for targeted advice or a custom solution.

Visit the Academy circle – For some background information on knowledge clips, click on knowledge clips in the circle.

Take part in the OLA (1 - 4 - 2019) -The online lunchbite alarm is a webinar that takes places after the air alert, with the respective months' theme as subject.


Educational Tools

  • Communicate
    Teachers can use Communicate!
    to easily create a simulation, in which students can practice their conversational skills with a virtual character.
  • Traintool
    TrainTool is an app with which students can practice conversational skills (softwkills) online.
  • Grasple
    Grasple is an online practicing platform for statistics, aimed at students with difficulty in number- and math related exercises.
  • PathXL
    PathXL makes digital microscopy possible by offering coupes online.
There's more to us than skills!

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