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Internships and Research Positions

Educate-it is involving students as well as teachers in the process of continually innovating and improving education at Utrecht University. One way we manage this is by directly involving students in the programme's tasks and activities.

That is why Educate-it regularly offers opportunities for students to participate in internships or research within its projects or even at the programme level. Internships and research is possible in many fields, such as:

  • didactics and educational innovation
  • ICT
  • the usability of (online) tools
  • organisational changes
  • communication and media
  • and much more

Our programme offers people a lot of room to develop their own input and ideas. During your Educate-it internship or research, you will be assigned a supervisor who will get you started and will be available to answer your questions and resolve any issues you run into. You will also receive financial compensation.

If you'd like to know more about interning or conducting research at Educate-it, please contact us at educate-it@uu.nl

"During my internship at Educate-it, I created an online module for students about blended learning. This module explains to students what blended learning is and why it might be important and useful to them. As an educational scientist, I found the process of developing the module, but especially its subject matter very interesting. I also found it very instructive to be able to observe how (educational) innovations are implemented in an organisation as big as the university.

I immediately felt comfortable at Educate-it. Everyone is very enthusiastic about innovative ideas, and it's a place where ideas get picked up and implemented right away. I found that in a team that cares, interns get not only freedom and responsibility, but excellent coaching and support as well."

- Annet van der Riet, former intern.