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How can I enhance my course?

Even relatively small steps will enhance and blend your course. There are many small improvements teachers can integrate into their courses at a pace they are comfortable with.


Video is a catch-all term for all knowledge clips, web lectures and other (video) recordings used to transfer knowledge. Educate-it is aiming for knowledge clips that have been enriched with embedded exercises, since those are the best match for the blended learning concept.

Educate-it facilitates two methods of recording E-lectures and knowledge clips with technical and didactic support:

Digital assessment
Integrating digital assessment into your course is one way to innovate it. Digital assessment can not only improve the overall quality of your exams, but will also allow you to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

IT tools

As a teacher, would you like your students to come to class better prepared? Would you like to see more interaction with and among your students in class? Would you like to grade their tests digitally? Or have them improve their social skills online?

Educate-it offers teachers a broad range of IT tools with many and varied applications in education, all of which have proven their value in practice. The programme also provides technical, practical and didactic as needed.

Find out which tool is the best one to help you work towards your goals in the tool guide. This guide contains information on the tool itself and on how it can be applied to education. You will also be able to see how many teachers have already used each tool in practice and how highly they rate it.

Requesting an innovation project

Do you have a great idea for an educational innovation using a tool Educate-it does not support (yet)? Request an innovation project. If it falls within the domain of the Educate-it programme, we can support the execution of such innovative ideas financially, technically and didactically.

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Research your teachings

Do you want to (have someone( research your course? Or do you want someone to bounce some ideas off of. Contact dr. Renske de Kleijn, projectleader Quality and Research. Already done some research into innovating education? We'd love to hear your story! We'll help thinking about how the results can be shared, and we're interested in the relation between your results and our own research.

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Sharing educational materials

Educational materials tend to lend themselves being reused. It can save a lot of time if educational materials are centrally stored and well-described. The overall quality of education goes up when teachers no longer have to reinvent the wheel at the start of very course. Exchanging materials across the boundaries of one's academic programme, faculty, and university encourages cross-pollination and facilitates new collaborations. All this can be achieved by storing and sharing educational materials in the Figshare educational repository.