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(Future) Learning Spaces

What will Utrecht University's future learning environment look like? What will it take to future-proof its physical and virtual learning spaces? These questions and more fall within the remit of the (Future) Learning Spaces project.

The development and innovation of the university's services and facilities has not kept up with the pace of technological development. Students have certain expectations about how their education will be organised. Teachers have indicated they want to design their courses in new ways. In fact, the whole field of course design is changing to reflect new didactic understanding. And the ideal of Lifelong Learning requires that education align itself with careers in the real world.

How do you put students in Utrecht in touch with their remote guest teachers? How can furniture be used to facilitate novel teaching formats? What kind of support is available to working groups collaborating on large screens? The (Future) Learning Spaces project coaches teachers who have these kinds of questions. The Teaching & Learning Lab, an initiative by Educate-it and the Freudenthal Institute, is a fine example of an innovative learning space. Do you have your own ideas about how your surroundings could be made to better serve your teaching? Would you like to share your own experiences with innovative learning spaces? Please contact Educate-it and we will explore what's possible together.