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Effective feedback provides students with insight into their own learning process: what is their current level of knowledge, skills, or behaviour, and where is there still room for improvement? The feedback usually deals with the learning objectives for the course, but it can also be related to the learning goals that the students have formulated for themselves. Peer feedback is feedback provided by a fellow student.

  • By providing feedback, you can help your students achieve the desired level of learning, so feedback is preferably given at some point before the end of the course, such as for a draft version of a paper.
  • Students learn from providing peer feedback as well. They can evaluate and compare the assignments, formulate areas of improvement, and gain a better understanding of the assignment criteria. That often leads them to improve their own work, and can result in improved learning outcomes.

Would you like to learn how you can incorporate feedback into your education? Then check out what we have to offer, and choose the form that suits you best!

  • Checklist for using the peer feedback process You can use this checklist if you would like to design a peer feedback process for a course. The checklist shows all of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Educate-it Feedback Tool The feedback tool can help you find out which tools are available for different types of assignments.
  • Interview with Renée Filius In this video, Renée Filius explains her research int the relationship between online peer feedback and deep learning. Read her thesis on Researchgate.
  • Animation; effective feedback This animation deals with seven principles of effective feedback by Nicol & Macfarlane-Dick.
  • Video peer feedback for students You can use this video if you would like to utilise peer feedback in your course. Post it to Blackboard as background information, or show it during a tutorial to explain an assignment that uses peer feedback. In this video (vlog), educationalist Nies Kraan will answer questions such as: ‘Why should I give feedback on assignments to my fellow students? What should you pay attention to when providing peer feedback to another student? And what is good feedback, anyway?

If you would like to know which online tools you can use to implement peer feedback, then take a look at the toolwijzer!

If you would like to find inspiration in how your colleagues have implemented peer feedback, then visit the inspiration page!