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Experiences: 2014 - 2017

A 2016/2017 longitudinal study conducted by Educate-it revealed that 88% of UU teachers are willing to invest in improving their courses and that 51% of them have already implemented one or more IT-related innovation. Their main reason for these investments was their desire to engage students during face-to-face teaching moments. The majority of teachers innovates with IT tools because they get a kick out of it and because they believe continuously working to improve yourself and your courses is part of being a teacher. Initial course evaluations are already revealing a positive effect on teacher and student satisfaction, academic outcomes as well as a reduction in workload.

Since Educate-it began in late 2014, no fewer than 1,400 UU teachers and 16,500 students have used one or more IT tools in education. Additionally, more and more UU teachers are choosing to perform their examinations digitally on secure Chromebooks. Just three years in, digital assessments make up 35% of all examinations.

A growing number of teachers are also choosing to record knowledge clips for students to review in preparation for their time in the classroom. The number of recorded knowledge clips has quadrupled to over 1,000 in just three years.