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When the experiment ends

Many lecturers at Utrecht University are experimenting with the use of new technologies in education. Evolve-it helps to continue developing the results of these innovation projects after the project (and the financing) are over. During an innovation project, Evolve-it can also help to explore the opportunities for marketing new products or services, which enables lecturers, researchers or students to make preparations for starting their own start-ups based on their innovations. We can also explore a route for continuing development within the university. Our goal is to guarantee the continuity of innovation projects and to embed the results of innovation in the curriculum.

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Several parties contribute to Evolve-it by recommending ways to make an innovation project more sustainable based on their own fields of expertise. Educate-it coordinates the process in collaboration with education innovation experts, UtrechtInc, the Department of Computer Science, Utrecht Holdings, ITS, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship.