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Evidence-based Higher Education

Utrecht University is embracing Evidence-based Higher Education as one of the pillars of its educational model and creating expertise about educational innovation and blended learning. Taking this approach means that, as much as is possible, educational innovations implemented at the university are based on scientific findings. These findings are obtained in two ways:

  • All courses that are redesigned to incorporate IT tools are evaluated.
  • Additionally the effects of the programme itself are studied in a longitudinal study. This study has been running since the inception of the Educate-it programme in 2014 and examines factors like teachers' willingness to change and the effects innovations have on the learning behaviours of students.

Based on the Educate-it programme's results between 2014 and 2017, UU believes we have already bridged the gap and have now reached the Early Majority (source). Based on the results up to this point, it is assumed that by late 2017 20% to 25% of all teachers will be actively engaged in making their courses blended. Our efforts through to 2020 will be directed towards entering into the Late Majority, with about 60% of teachers. We are not assuming we will reach the laggards (the final 16%) as early as 2020.

A number of scientists at Utrecht University are looking into educational innovation. They are involved with Educate-it in various capacities. These scientists are:

Prof. dr. Wieger Bakker
Chair: Quality and Innovation of Society Oriented Higher Education
Department: UU School of Governance (Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance)

Prof. dr. Tamara van Gog
Chair: Educational Science
Department: Educational Science (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

Prof. dr. Johan Jeuring
Chair: Software Technology for Learning and Teaching
Department: Computer Science (Faculty of Science)

Prof. dr. Wouter Joolingen
Chair: Science and Mathematics Education
Department: Freudenthal Institute (Faculty of Science)

Prof. dr. Liesbeth Kester
Chair: Educational Sciences
Department: Education (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)

Prof. dr. Wim Kremer
Chair: Farm Animal Health in particular Education
Department: Farm Animal Health (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)

Prof. dr. Harold van Rijen
Chair: Innovative Teaching Methods in Biomedical Education
Department: Medical Physiology and Teaching Centre (Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. dr. Jan van Tartwijk
Chair: Applied Educational Sciences
Department: Educational Development & Training (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)