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An e-lecture or web lecture is a recorded lecture that is then made available to students online. Several lecture halls allow you to record your lecture yourself using MyMediaSite. If you want to have someone else come in and record your lecture, please contact LectureNet.

You can offer your students e-lectures, web lectures or video lectures as a useful extra service. They can use them to review entire lectures before the exam, to review difficult concepts, or to catch up on a lecture they were absent for.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) make extensive use of e-lectures.



Recorded by LectureNet
The Studium Generale video archive holds many videos recorded on location by LectureNet.

Faculty of Geosciences
Lecturer: Wim Hoek
Vak: Geo1-4102/4192/4192e

If you decide to record your lecture, you need to think about any copyright on the audio, images and videos you use in your presentation. For more information about copyright, please consult the UU Copyright Information Office website.

If your recording is to include students on camera, you will need to get permission from them ahead of time. Similarly, if you record a guest teacher’s lecture, they have to grant you permission. Have them sign a release form so you can show that you have their permission.

Twenty-two UU lecture halls have the equipment needed to record your own lecture. You will be the one to start, stop and save your recording. Only your presentation and voice will be recorded. You yourself will not appear on screen.
You can borrow a microphone from AV

List of lecture halls:

  • Bijlhouwerstraat 6-8: 0.24
  • Drift 13: 0.04
  • Heidelberglaan 2 / GNL 4-6
  • Van Unnik: Groen
  • Koningsberger building: lecture halls Atlas, Cosmos en Pangea
  • Kriekenpitplein 1: Auditorium 2
  • Leuvenlaan 19: Educatorium Megaron en Theatron
  • Leuvenlaan 21: Ruppert Building lecture halls: Paars, Blauw, Wit en Rood, lecture hall A en 0.40 en 0.42
  • Universiteitsweg 99:  D. de Wied 1.22 en 1.30 l
  • Yalelaan 1-3 :Androclus C.101 en C.102
  • Yalelaan 108-110: H. Jakob building O.0198
  • Yalelaan 112-114: W.C. Schimmel Building 0.051

If you have any questions about the didactics of e-lectures, or would like to discuss examples of how e-lectures are used, please contact your faculty’s Educate-it coordinator.

For technical and/or administrative questions, you can contact LectureNet through the contact form on their website.