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Digital Assessment

Integrating digital assessment into your course is one way to enhance and innovate it. Digital assessments can improve the quality of your exams and allow you to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

Digital assessments with RemindoToets - An overview

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What is the added value for my course?

Digital assessment has value for both teachers and students. Digital assessment is closely aligned to how students live and work. Evaluations have revealed that they would rather type than write and that they appreciate a broader range of question formats. In addition, a literature study illustrates that digital assessment can have positive results concerning assessment quality as long as digital features are implemented correctly. Both summative and formative assessments can be performed digitally. The Remindo assessment tools provides teachers a clear overview of all exam questions and performed exams, allowing them to make structural improvements to the quality of their exams.

Organisational benefits:

  • Well-organised: Questions, exams and results are all well-organized in one (digital) system;
  • Secure access: Secure access to questions, tests, and results; anytime, anywhere;
  • Readability: Readable answers on open questions result in time gain.

Educational benefits:

  • Item bank: Automatically put together tests from a database built up over time;
  • Exam matrix: Create a matrix and label your questions accordingly. Remindo can also select from a group of questions;
  • Question types: Highly varied examinations are possible using varied question types (Remindo provides more than 10 question types);
  • Multimedia: The option to add visuals and/or audio to exam questions;
  • Correcting: Closed questions can be corrected immediately by the system;
  • Objectivity: It is easy to correct answers objectively by changing the settings to correct ‘horizontally’ or ‘anonymously’;
  • Working together: IT becomes easier to work together by sharing the testing environment (for example by sharing correction work or working on an item bank);
  • Feedback: Immediate feedback to students, regardless of time and place;
  • Question analysis: Access to analytic data of questions and tests immediately after a test.
In the halls of the Educatorium, all academic programmes – even the popular first-year Psychology and Law courses – can simultaneously administer digital assessments through a secure WiFi-network, using chromebooks. All UU faculties have started using digital assessments in some form. Faculties have access to Chromebooks on the secure wifi network and exam rooms to accomodate small-scale exams for courses with very few participants, students that need extra time, resits and digital reviews of past examinations.

Science, Geosciences, Social and Behavioural Sciences
- Buys Ballot
- Ruppert

- Drift 3

- Bijlhouwerstraat 6
– Spinoza Hall (UCU)
– Janskerkhof

Veterinary Medicine
- Androclus

(The Educatorium halls can be used by all faculties )

UU uses testing tool Remindo to perform summative and formative digital assessments. Experience the possibilities of Remindo digital assessments yourself: try the demo.

The following people have been appointed to the various faculties to advise teachers implementing digital assessment in their courses.

Veterinary Medicine: Anneke Wijnalda

GEO: Tim Poelman

Medicine: Margreet

Irene Geurts

Science: Irene Geurts


Humanities: Yvonne de Jong

Chris Phielix

Social and Behavioural Sciences: Chris Phielix

Digital Assessments with RemindoToets
- A Closer Look

Digital Assessments with Remindotoets
- The User's Perspective

This is how Digital Assessment works
- The Exam Room