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Creating Magic with Smartphone during class - Matthijs Vink

Students and teachers use their smartphones for basically everything, except for making phone calls. You can even use smartphones during class. For example, by using Presenterswall: an online voting tool. Presenterswall is one of the many fun digital innovations I found through Educate-it. The first time that I saw it, it felt like magic: answering a question through your smartphone and sending that answer to the big screen in the frond of the class. Keywords appear or a graph might change according to the answers send in by your peers. My own surprise was also reflected in my student’s faces when using this tool to probe their opinions on certain matters.

This tool comes in handy when you want to, for example, create or give a quick overview of expectations during an introductory lesson. In addition, you can present practice questions to students to check whether the teaching material was understood. Presenterswall hides the results until everyone has given their answer, to ensure that students cannot ‘cheat’ by tagging along with the most popular answer. In short, this tool provides you with many oppportunities to engage your students in a new and exciting way.