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Collaborative assignments are regularly utilised in education. Research has shown that under certain conditions, using activating work forms with collaborative elements can challenge students to learn deeper. Completing an assignment as a group can also contribute to the development of teamwork skills, in preparation for the students’ professional careers. However, certain conditions must be met in order to achieve the full potential that collaborative assignments have to offer. As a lecturer, you will probably be faced with questions such as: What are some suitable collaborative assignments? How can I prepare students for group assignments? How can I encourage (online) collaboration? How should I evaluate group work?

If you are considering having your students collaborate during your lecture or tutorial, and would like more information or inspiration, please feel free to contact us!

We’re currently developing an online training course on the subject, and we’ll post it to this page when it becomes available.

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  • Collaborative learning in higher education: design, implementation, and evaluation of group learning activities
    Miranda de Hei has studied collaborative learning in higher education, and how to support lecturers with group learning assignments. de Hei, M. S. A. (2016). Collaborative learning in higher education: design, implementation and evaluation of group learning activities(Doctoral dissertation)
  • Collaborative learning; students appreciate autonomy
    Autonomy, a complex assignment, shared responsibility, and several moments of face-to-face interaction are some of the eight factors that students appreciate about courses based on collaborative learning. Three researchers from the Biology department followed their colleagues from Social and Behavioural Sciences to find out what you need to make such a course successful.

If you would like to know which online tools you can use to encourage cooperation, then take a look at the toolguide!

If you would like to find inspiration in what your colleagues have done to encourage students to collaborate together, then visit the inspiration page!