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Chris Phielix (FSW) shares

On Monday September 3rd 2018, the start of the introduction week rang in not just the new academic year, but a whole new era for UU: the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). From September, the Science, Geoscience and Social Science (FSW) faculties will expect students to bring their own laptops to computer practicals (see https://students.uu.nl/en/fss/byod). Students who don’t have access to a laptop can borrow one from UU for the day. With just their laptops, an internet connection and a MyWorkplace account (https://students.uu.nl/en/myworkplace), students will have access to all the software and applications they need. No longer will they be dependent on access to a computer learning room. This offers advantages for teachers, too. They will be able to set practical assignments as homework, then discuss the work in class. This will allow them to plan their courses much more flexibly.

Another milestone in digital assessment was reached in late September. On Friday September 21st, a total of 1,400 students across two sessions (600 and 800 students) all performed the same digital assessment. This shattered all previous UU and FSW records. We should note that the overall number of digital assessments at FSW each year is still on the rise. If you’re interested in the benefits of digital assessment, take a look at our website on the subject: https://educate-it.uu.nl/en/digital-assessment/.

The department of Methods and Statistics (M&S) started using online practice test platform Grasple this academic year (2018-2019). There, students can learn about various aspects of statistics and practice all kinds of different test questions. Grasple covers over 100 subject and contains over 2,500 questions (in English and Dutch). Students can review and practice exactly those subjects they find most challenging whenever they like and wherever they may be. What’s more, Grasple has built-in learning analytics that can help students and teachers identify problem areas in their understanding of the subject matter. To learn more, see https://educate-it.uu.nl/en/toolwijzer/#tool-statistiek-oefenen.

This year, FSW commits itself once again to providing teachers with optimal support for their teaching, relieving work stress and safeguarding the quality of their teaching. Important elements in that support are the implementation of innovative tools and the application of finely-honed didactic skills. During interviews, we determine which resources (tools, for example) best align with the teacher’s wishes and (learning) objectives. Are you curious about how we do that? Feel free to contact us (icto.fsw@uu.nl) or check out our faculty website (https://educate-it-fsw.sites.uu.nl/).