20 June 2017

First vlog is online! Jasper van Winden visits the Surf get together about the use of virtual reality for educational purposes in Groningen. Checkout Jasper’s channel Check out Jasper’s Educate-it playlist

14 May 2017

Workshop: Interaction with Votingtool

Do you want more interaction with your students? Do you have the feeling that your students  don’t understand your information well? A voting tool may be the answer! With a voting tool, a lecturer can easily ask questions to students during the contact hours. Students can respond to the questions using their  their own devices, like a smartphone or laptop. Results of the voting session are shown real-time on screen.  The workshop contains the why, when and how of a voting tool. We will give an overview of the voting tools available at  Utrecht University and we will introduce you to the differences between them.  Then you explore the possibilities of a voting tool for your lessons yourself. With the results, you can stimulate your students right the next day! What do I have to bring? For the practical part of the workshop you will need a laptop. Don’t you have a laptop? Please let us know in the section ‘question to trainer’. You can register on this page.

8 May 2017

Summer Course (Pre-register for the wintercourse!)

Have you already thought about your curriculum for 2017/2018? Start the summer with some innovation together with colleagues and improve your teaching while you’re at it at the Summer Course. The first day is all about inspiration and creating a design. The second day is focussed on executing your design and you’ll learn how you could use IT tools for your courses. Dates: English Summer course: July 4th and July 5th 13:00 – 17:00 at University College Utrecht. Register here

30 January 2017

Flipping the Classroom with Scalable Learning

Flipping the classroom is an educational concept that moves knowledge transfer from the classroom into the home, often using knowledge clips. Time with the teacher is more effectively spent on more active forms of learning. Scalable Learning is a platform specifically designed for this kind of teaching. It makes the knowledge transfer at home more interactive, shows teachers how much their students have learned and what questions they still have, and then throws that information up on the classroom screen at the press of a button. Having completed this workshop, you’ll know what Flipping the Classroom is all about, have a ton of tips and tricks in your back pocket for when you start “Flipping” (parts of) your own courses, and you’ll feel perfectly comfortable working with Scalable Learning. What do you need to bring? Bring along your laptop and a pair of headphones. No laptop to bring? Please let us know on the registration form under “questions for the trainer”.  You can register on this page.

13 November 2016

Learn to perform digital assessments with Remindo

Are you planning to start performing digital assessments? Are you interested in learning about Remindo and the many advantages of digital assessment? Come and take part in our workshop! You’ll familiarise yourself with the Remindo assessment software and experiment with writing questions and assembling and grading exams. Bring a few sample questions along! It doesn’t matter whether they’re open questions or multiple choice. If you do bring a multiple choice question, you’ll be able to browse through the available question types to find the best fit. Play around with using images and learn how to put together a hot-spot question or graphical connection question. After this workshop, you’ll be ready to start using Remindo! You can register on this page.

31 October 2016

Blending your teaching practice

Are you considering blending your teaching practice? Come get inspired at our workshop! You will get started on (re)designing your course right there in the workshop. You’ll learn how blended learning reinforces the Utrecht model of education. You’ll decide which parts of your teaching practice would benefit most from blended learning and sample all of the IT tools available to you as a teacher at UU. Afterwards, you’ll come away with a plan to (re)design your teaching and you’ll know which IT tool (or tools) you want to explore further. Register here