15 March 2016

Facility for digital assessment on location

March 15, 2016 - Because of the growth in the use of the facility for digital assessments and the increasing need of teachers to digital assessments, the facility for large-scale digital assessment in the Educatorium will be further expanded in the near future from 480 to 650 students at a time. In addition the current facilities for digital assessment will be transferred to the organisation in place in a few months. That means it will be a structural feature within the UU. At the request of faculties small-scale digital assessment at location can also be created. This can be used for small-scale digital assessments, inspection of assessments, retakes and students with disabilities. By expanding the number of students who can take digital assessments at a time in the Educatorium and facilities for digital assessments at location Educate-it can continue to meet the needs of teachers. At the beginning of April a small-scale facility for digital assessment on location at REBO (USBO) will open for 40 students at a time.  The faculty of Veterinary Medicine has a digital assessment on location in use for several months. Some other faculties are also planning to have a small-scale digital assessment on location.

23 February 2016

Hoe innoveren docenten hun onderwijs? Kom naar het Educate-it plein op de Onderwijsparade

Wil je je onderwijs interactiever maken? Je schriftelijke toetsen digitaliseren? Bestaand studiemateriaal, zoals presentaties, boeken of filmpjes interactief en goed leerbaar maken? Studenten online laten oefenen met communicatievaardigheden? Het zijn allemaal stappen om je onderwijs te innoveren en blended te maken. Daarvoor biedt het UU-brede programma Educate-it ondersteuning, faciliteiten en IT-tools. Benieuwd naar de ervaringen van docenten die hiermee al hun onderwijs geïnnoveerd hebben? Kom dan naar het Educate-it plein op de Onderwijsparade op 3 maart van 12.00 tot 16.00 uur. Op het podium in de aula van het Academiegebouw demonstreren docenten van verschillende faculteiten welke tools zij in hun onderwijs gebruiken en wat hun ervaringen daarmee zijn. Zo demonstreren docenten BETA de tool Scalable learning, een online platform waarin kennisclips kunnen worden verrijkt en geïntegreerd in een interactieve omgeving. Geesteswetenschappen demonstreert de tool Itels (taalverwerving door online videocommunicatie en virtual world met natives en non-natives), docenten Diergeneeskunde en Geneeskunde laten zien hoe zij werken met e-modules in het onderwijs. Maar ook demonstreren verschillende docenten van de faculteiten BETA, GEO, REBO en DGK hoe zij digitaal toetsen in hun onderwijs toepassen. Ten slotte worden ook MOOCs, de tools Presenterswall, FeedbackFruits, E-lectures en Xerte gedemonstreerd op het Educate-it plein. Kom langs, ga in gesprek met deze docenten, laat je inspireren en vraag hoe Educate-it jouw onderwijs kan versterken.      

12 January 2016

PresentersWall voting tool available to entire UU

A voting tool is a great way to make your lecture or presentation more interactive. It involves your audience and gives them a voice. One such voting tool is PresentersWall. Utrecht University recently bought a campus licence for PresentersWall, which means all of UU can use it. A voting tool lets you ask your entire audience questions that they can answer with their (own) devices. The answers submitted are collected in real time and can be displayed for the entire group if you wish. The PresentersWall voting tool has a large number of question types; both open and multiple choice.   Campus licence Because demand for the PresentersWall voting tool has grown over the past year and new teachers are applying to Educate-it for an account every day, the decision was made to acquire a campus licence for the 2015-16 academic year. That means that all teachers, employees and students at UU will have access to PresentersWall. Using a voting tool like PresentersWall makes sense when you want to: create more interaction with your students in a lecture get feedback from a group of students start a discussion based on the students' polled opinions quickly, easily and formatively test your students' knowledge   Interaction during lectures Voting tools can create more interaction between students and teachers in the often impersonal environment of large-group lectures. The answers students provide constitute useful feedback for the teacher. It gives teachers an idea of their students' progress, making engagement easier to achieve. Using a voting tool also gives each student a voice. Speaking up in a big lecture hall is daunting for many students, but a voting tool allows them to submit their opinions anonymously. This lets teachers play into the moods and interests of the entire group as they present their lecture. To start using PresentersWall, visit, select Universiteit Utrecht, log in with your SolisID credentials and provide permission to the secure SURFconextverbinding.   Teachers' experiences If you're curious about how other teachers have used PresentersWall in their classes, take a look at this video by teacher Bouke van Gorp at Geosciences. Or you could read about how this tool was used in a course mathematics for non-science student and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Are you interested in additional information about Presenterswall (the manual, for instance) or would you like to know about other ways to innovate your teaching practice? Why not check out the Blended Learning modules on the Educate-it site, submit your idea for an innovation project or email Educate-it?   Votingtools as PresentersWall are ideal for activating education. Votingtools are usually used anonymously. However, be aware that if you ask first name and surname in combination with other personal data (such as gender and age), which is to reduce the potential for individuals (see Data Protection Act).  

13 May 2015

UU verbetert statistiekonderwijs met OCW-subsidie

13/05/2015 - De UU heeft een subsidie van bijna € 100.000 gekregen van het ministerie van OCW voor het projectvoorstel ‘Open en Gepersonaliseerd Statistiek Onderwijs’. Dit project is - samen met tien projectvoorstellen van andere onderwijsinstellingen - door de minister geselecteerd uit 45 aanmeldingen die in het kader van de stimuleringsregeling Open en Online Onderwijs bij het ministerie ingediend waren. Klik hier voor de rest van het intranetbericht.

12 May 2015

Newsletters REBO Educate-it

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