1 November 2016

Use of Educate-it tools in education on the rise

At the request of teachers, Educate-it offers a selection of online tools for educational innovation. An increasing number of teachers has started experimenting with these tools and is using them to innovate their teaching and incorporate Blended Learning. That’s why Educate-it recently extended the licences on the tools listed below, ensuring they will be available to teachers throughout the coming academic year. This year, Educate-it will continue to conduct research into the use of these tools and into the experiences of the teachers and students who use them. Does the use of these tools truly add value to blended education? Only the tools that do have their licences extended.   More interaction before and during lectures and seminars with PresentersWall Voting tool PresentersWall was once again widely used throughout this past academic year by both teachers (500) and students (125) to create more interaction during face-to-face teaching time. And the number of users is still climbing. PresentersWall was evaluated last year with a survey among students in a number of courses. The evaluation revealed that students found PresentersWall to be engaging, fun and meaningful. It helped them work on the subject matter more actively and to better understand their lectures. If you’re curious about what possible, why not visit Educate-it PresentersWall?   Scalable Learning Using Scalable Learning, you can enrich your knowledge clips with questions, assignments and (peer) feedback. In their evaluation of the tool, teachers described it as very user-friendly and announced their intention to make even more use of the tool in their teaching. One of the findings from the teacher focus group was that teachers noticed their students were coming to class with a better understanding of the subject matter so that time in the classroom could be used for more in-depth treatment of the subject matter. Teachers were also pleased to find that they could tell which parts of the subject matter their students were struggling with, which empowered them to use classroom time to address those specific issues. If you’re curious about the possibilities of Scalable Learning, visit Educate-it Scalable Learning.   Practicing communication skills with TrainTool TrainTool is currently being used to train interview techniques, presentation skills and communication skills in a variety of scenarios. There’s a TrainTool app as well now, so students can use their mobile devices to practice their skills online. An evaluation among teachers showed that those of them that used this tool in their teaching practice saw clear added value to the teaching process and were pleased with how user-friendly the tool is and with the quality of support from Educate-it. Students were asked how competent they felt at interview techniques before and after using TrainTool. Before the course, students felt barely to averagely competent at the various aspects of conducting interviews, such as deep questioning, phrasing questions, summarising, listening and showing empathy. After using TrainTool, they feel significantly more competent, feel more confident about their interviewing skills and appreciate the importance of interviewing. If this tool intrigues you, visit Educate-it TrainTool to learn more.   Creating E-modules with Xerte Ten teachers at UU currently use Xerte to create e-modules. One of those teachers is Gert Folkers, a teacher at Chemistry: ‘Xerte is a development tool where you can create slides containing text, video, images and/or questions with just a few keystrokes. An e-module is a bunch of those slides combined and is easy to offer to students. I would definitely recommend Xerte to my colleagues! It’s easy to use and easy to incorporate into your teaching.’ If you’re interested in the possibilities, visit Educate-it Xerte.   Do you have any questions about innovating your education? Would you like support in doing so? Contact Educate-it or come visit us at the Educate-it desk in the University Library de Uithof, a place for teachers and students to turn with all of their questions about blended learning, online tools or anything else involving Educate-it.

13 May 2015

UU verbetert statistiekonderwijs met OCW-subsidie

13/05/2015 – De UU heeft een subsidie van bijna € 100.000 gekregen van het ministerie van OCW voor het projectvoorstel ‘Open en Gepersonaliseerd Statistiek Onderwijs’. Dit project is – samen met tien projectvoorstellen van andere onderwijsinstellingen – door de minister geselecteerd uit 45 aanmeldingen die in het kader van de stimuleringsregeling Open en Online Onderwijs bij het ministerie ingediend waren. Klik hier voor de rest van het intranetbericht.