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Blended learning

In support of the Utrecht Model of Education, Utrecht University will be pursuing 'blended learning' for the foreseeable future. This didactic concept concerns the marriage of face-to-face and online teaching, with each of those elements reinforcing and enhancing the other. IT tools like knowledge clips and e-modules are not so much added on top of current teaching as an extra, but rather replace the traditional forms of face-to-face teaching and autonomous study where possible. The student is empowered to absorb much of the required knowledge and insight through autonomous study, alone or in groups, and at the time and place of their choosing. Face-time in the classroom can then be used for in-depth discussion, applying the knowledge and insights already acquired and reviewing the most challenging areas of the subject matter.


Blended learning also changes the roles students and teachers play. The more routine business of teaching will take up less time, allowing teachers to use their time more effectively and efficiently. Students are expected to take on considerable responsibility for their own development, which helps mold them into independent, free-thinking academics. Using IT tools to enhance teaching will support the Utrecht Model of Education.