2 May 2019

Workshop Effective Digital Assessment

This workshop will offer some rules of thumb for composing a good exam and good (open or closed) exam questions. As an exercise, we will critically examine your past exam questions, looking for ways to improve them and learn how to write even better questions in future. We will also get our hands dirty: you’ll learn how to transfer your exam questions into Remindo and use them to compose an assessment. You’ll also learn how to re-use your questions in later assessments. By working this way, you will start to build a database of questions and answers that will benefit you for years to come. You will be working on your own questions in the workshop. Bring one of your past (summative or formative) assessments with you! You will also need to bring your own laptop. The workshop is usually conducted in Dutch. If you’d prefer to take it in English, please email for a personal appointment.

14 May 2019

Students create assesmentquestions using Peerwise

  PeerWise encourages students to actively engage with the subject matter by writing their own exam questions and sharing those with each other. This workshop features a small demo, after which you will start using PeerWise right away, coming to grips with all it has to offer. If you prefer the workshop in English, please contact for a personal appointment.

16 May 2019

Workshops Analysing a Remindo assessment

Have you performed digital assessments with Remindo before? Would you like to analyse how that went? Then this is the workshop for you. We will answer the following questions: What does analysis in Remindo look like? How do you interpret what it tells you (P, Rir, Rit, Cronbach’s alpha)? What do you do when your students perform very poorly on the assessment? How do you handle questions that either everyone gets or everyone misses? Can you remove questions? Accept ‘wrong’ multiple- choice answers? How do you evaluate the quality of your questions? (This workshop is given in Dutch by default, if you want a workshop in English please say so in the registration form)

20 May 2019

Workshop Engaging education

In this workshop, you will look for ways to engage your students. More engaged students tend to absorb subject matter better and more quickly, which frees up time for in-depth treatments in the classroom. The way to make that happen is by flipping the classroom. The first part of the workshop will focus on the teaching methods you can implement in your course. We will also examine how your classroom and online teaching interact with each other. That’s why you will spend the second part of the workshop working with a tool to organise your teaching effectively. You’ll have a choice of Xerte, FeedbackFruits 2.0 (interactive document) or Scalable Learning. When you come to the workshop, please bring a laptop and the learning objectives for your course. If you don’t have the use of a laptop, please email ahead: The workshop is usually conducted in Dutch. If you’d prefer to take it in English, please email for a personal appointment.

21 May 2019

Interaction in your course using votingtools

Do you want more interaction with your students in class? Do you doubt whether your message is landing with them? If so, a voting tool may be just the thing! Voting tools allow you to quiz your students in class, all at once, instantly. Your students will respond to your questions on their phones and laptops. You then decide how to share their answers with the group. This workshop covers the why, the when and the how of using voting tools. We will also discuss what voting tools are available, which of them are supported by Utrecht University and how each one differs from the others. You will get to pick a tool and explore all of its features, then look for ways to use it in your own courses. You’ll create questions in this workshop that you’ll be able to use in class the very next day! The workshop is usually conducted in Dutch. If you’d prefer to take it in English, please email for a personal appointment.

1 June 2019


Do you want to end the academic year in an inspiring way? Come to the strengthen-your-education-week to enrich, simplify or deepen your education. There is also plenty of room for relaxing and entertainment. The week starts on 1 July with a diverse offer aimed at improving and innovating your education: numerous workshops, lunch meetings and tailor-made advice organized by the partners of the Centre for Academic Teaching. Educate-it, Educational Consultancy & Professional Development, the Teaching & Learning Lab and the teachers community TAUU together provide a diverse range of courses at different locations of our university. Work on your education in a very concrete way or come for inspiration! Break out of the Escape Room with your colleagues, receive help with improving tests, meet other teachers or relax during one of the lunches or massages. The program takes place at various locations in the city center, the UCU campus, the Utrecht Science Park and online. All teachers from Utrecht University are welcome! Make a note of week no. 27 (1 to 5 July) 2019 in your diary! Would you like to be notified as soon as the program is known? Or do you have ideas for a subject for a workshop or discussion session? Let us know via this form.