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Engaging Education

Would you like your students to come to the lectures better prepared? Or would you like more interaction during your face-to-face instruction? If so, then engaging education may help your students process the lesson materials better, and provide more depth during your contact teaching moments. In engaging education, students actively work on the lesson materials by:

  • actively linking the content to their existing knowledge;
  • actively focusing on practicing certain skills; applying knowledge to solve problems;

Would you like to learn how you can make your teaching practice more engaging? Then check out what we have to offer, and choose the form that suits you best!

In addition to offering online training courses, workshops and tools, Educate-it Academy aims to inspire lecturers with interesting background information and/or useful work materials. Here you can find an overview of the available material related to engaging education.

If you would like to know which online tools you can use to make your teaching practice more engaging, then take a look at the toolwijzer!

If you would like to find inspiration in what your colleagues have done to make their curriculum more engaging, then visit the inspiration page!