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About Educate-it

Educate-it: by teachers, for teachers

The university-wide Educate-it programme helps teachers adapt their courses to the demands of the future and to bring the quality of their teaching to new heights. Educate-it provides technical, practical and didactic support to teachers who embrace (one of) the elements of educational innovation and the introduction of blended learning: knowledge clips, digital assessment and IT tools. Teachers who have ideas about how to use IT tools to improve their teaching can request an innovation project on this site. Teacher development, the quality of education at UU and the effects of using IT in education are constant themes that define the Educate-it programme. Educate-it is a part of the Centre for Academic Teaching, is associated with the Stimulus Fund Project programme and the UMCU Unlimited Learning programme and works closesly with TAUU, COLUU and the Utrecht School of Governance (USBO).