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What do students think about educational innovation? What do they like about it? What are they still hoping to see? And what is it like for teachers to innovate their education? The Educate-it student and teacher vloggers will take you on a ride through their world and show you their experiences with educational innovation. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and come along for the ride! Meet our vloggers! https://youtu.be/y5n6rXeEB0k Docentenvlogs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLznWbzM78QuF_agL9nmJtRl8gj6ChwLoS Leonie Heres-van Rossum Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance  Teacher Governance and Organisational Sciences https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiEQfRlLd4hez3IojbkxK9r-D5cLhYTgR Evianne van der Kruk Faculty of Sciences Teacher of Pharmacy https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZN70QSr7QFzGdr53ivAT7OWzbpa5UKG Jasper van Winden Faculty of Science Teacher course: Scientist in Advice   Educate-itvlogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeKDLhr3ves&list=PLaxRaYHfTqIAJ9x9XtyiY91uJmQ3uSWf2   Studentvlogs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvYO-xZ2KHN5CB2gWOxevEGhEJPov4rLk Nikki Keuper Faculty Social and Behavioural Sciences Studies in Utrecht https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv0lI5WfhasSf86L0Q8GgUOrzZ763zM9I Naomi Okoto Faculty Law, Economics, and Governance Studies in Utrecht https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhZkeFKtiPFztr8MomthQpE8MzEcvl_Vv  Hugo Hegeman Faculty Law, Economics, and Governance Studies in Lisbon Previous vloggers https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm2ZlfWIqangdTnnKGSBAJ6dIj3gSlSPo Lisa Adriaansen Faculty of Medicine Studies in Utrecht https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG6vv2gfjubHV0gES6_LvanSjmcPAh_Zs Lisa Rzepka Faculty Social Sciences Studies in Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cc8sqDEpHw&list=PL84wHVjJFlA-f2Zvx0EebdvuBoIsh48N_ Anahi Saravia Herrera                         University College Utrecht Studies in Utrecht https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5vJKPuzKxXKNL1ITw82VSxlQUyTZJy-J Sebastien Packer Faculty Law, Economics, and Governance Exchange student from Canada to Utrecht

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Chris Phielix (FSW) shares

On Monday September 3rd 2018, the start of the introduction week rang in not just the new academic year, but a whole new era for UU: the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). From September, the Science, Geoscience and Social Science (FSW) faculties will expect students to bring their own laptops to computer practicals (see https://students.uu.nl/en/fss/byod). Students who don’t have access to a laptop can borrow one from UU for the day. With just their laptops, an internet connection and a MyWorkplace account (https://students.uu.nl/en/myworkplace), students will have access to all the software and applications they need. No longer will they be dependent on access to a computer learning room. This offers advantages for teachers, too. They will be able to set practical assignments as homework, then discuss the work in class. This will allow them to plan their courses much more flexibly. Another milestone in digital assessment was reached in late September. On Friday September 21st, a total of 1,400 students across two sessions (600 and 800 students) all performed the same digital assessment. This shattered all previous UU and FSW records. We should note that the overall number of digital assessments at FSW each year is still on the rise. If you’re interested in the benefits of digital assessment, take a look at our website on the subject: https://educate-it.uu.nl/en/digital-assessment/. The department of Methods and Statistics (M&S) started using online practice test platform Grasple this academic year (2018-2019). There, students can learn about various aspects of statistics and practice all kinds of different test questions. Grasple covers over 100 subject and contains over 2,500 questions (in English and Dutch). Students can review and practice exactly those subjects they find most challenging whenever they like and wherever they may be. What’s more, Grasple has built-in learning analytics that can help students and teachers identify problem areas in their understanding of the subject matter. To learn more, see https://educate-it.uu.nl/en/toolwijzer/#tool-statistiek-oefenen. This year, FSW commits itself once again to providing teachers with optimal support for their teaching, relieving work stress and safeguarding the quality of their teaching. Important elements in that support are the implementation of innovative tools and the application of finely-honed didactic skills. During interviews, we determine which resources (tools, for example) best align with the teacher’s wishes and (learning) objectives. Are you curious about how we do that? Feel free to contact us (icto.fsw@uu.nl) or check out our faculty website (https://educate-it-fsw.sites.uu.nl/).

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30 November 2018

December is Skills month

To get teachers excited about enhancing their teaching, Educate-it will be organising monthly themes. December is the month of the Skills. Many academic programmes incorporate communication, academic or lab skills, teaching things like delivering bad news, performing captivating presentations or experimenting on precious materials. For students, practicing these skills is an important part of the programme and vital preparation for their careers. Teachers can use online tools to help their students practice. Educate-it helps those teachers. With these tools, students can practice their skills digitally in a secure and familiar environment, as often as they want or need. Students receive the feedback they need to develop their skills from the tool itself or digitally from their teachers and peers. This provides students an important opportunity to practice their skills before they have to use them in their classes or careers. Teachers interested in learning about skills and the best ways to use them in education will be invited to take part in various workshops and IT tools. A comprehensive list of our offerings can be found on the Educate-it theme page. Are you interested in skills but too busy right now to take part in any of our activities? There will be another Month of the skills in April 2019. Naturally, the online training courses are available year-round and you can always get in touch with us to get the support you need. Next month, our theme will be Engaging education. Educate-it Academy Educate-it has collected all its courses, tools and resources for teacher development and student involvement into one place to make it more accessible. From now on, all of it can found on Educate-it Academy. Teachers looking to enhance their teaching will see themed overviews of our online trainings, workshops, tools and background information. The Academy Circle consists of six themes, all relevant to teachers in their daily practice: Engaging education, Knowledge clips, Collaboration, Assessment, (Peer) feedback and Skills. Here, you will find many valuable resources. The circle also contains three overarching themes: Enhance your teaching with blended learning, Engage your students and Study your teaching.

12 November 2018

Sign up for the Winter course 2019!

Do you already have ideas about how to design your courses in next academic year? Start the winter in a good, fun, and useful way with your colleagues and strengthen your teaching through the Educate-it Winter course. Programme The first day on January 29 is all about inspiration: get to know the possibilities of blended learning through concrete examples and experiences of fellow teachers. The second day on January 31 is tailored to your preferences. You will explore the tools further and learn how to use them. SIGN-UP For more information click here

7 November 2018

Sticky Campus @Utrecht University

From November 12th till November 28th: Sticky Campus @Utrecht University Meet the Sticky Campus! It's a mobile room for education in which online cooperation is central. The Educate-it project Future Learning Spaces invited the Sticky Campus for 3 weeks at the campus of Utrecht University. You can just walk in, or join the programme by attending one of the workshops! Location: Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw Room 2.24 For more information please send an e-mail to Jasper van Winden (A more extensive overview is given on our Dutch page)

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10 January 2019

Improve your Education with Blended Learning

Do you want more interaction in your classroom? Students who come to class well-prepared? Some idea of what your students don’t know, so you can help them? A way to offer feedback more flexibly? Blended learning can help fulfil all these desires. In the workshop, you and your co-workers will work with Educate-it to study your course design. Based on your learning objectives, we will (re)design your course, fine-tuning the balance between your online and face-to-face learning activities. This way of working on your own course in a small group of fellow teachers will give you some idea of how to start implementing your own educational innovations. LOG IN (NL) LOG IN (EN) The workshop is usually conducted in Dutch. If you’d prefer to take it in English, please email dp.educate-it@uu.nl for a personal appointment.

14 January 2019

Workshop Engaging education

In this workshop, you will look for ways to engage your students. More engaged students tend to absorb subject matter better and more quickly, which frees up time for in-depth treatments in the classroom. The way to make that happen is by flipping the classroom. The first part of the workshop will focus on the teaching methods you can implement in your course. We will also examine how your classroom and online teaching interact with each other. That’s why you will spend the second part of the workshop working with a tool to organise your teaching effectively. You’ll have a choice of Xerte, FeedbackFruits 2.0 (interactive document) or Scalable Learning. When you come to the workshop, please bring a laptop and the learning objectives for your course. If you don’t have the use of a laptop, please email ahead: dp.educate-it@uu.nl. The workshop is usually conducted in Dutch. If you’d prefer to take it in English, please email dp.educate-it@uu.nl for a personal appointment.

16 January 2019


  PeerWise encourages students to actively engage with the subject matter by writing their own exam questions and sharing those with each other. This workshop features a small demo, after which you will start using PeerWise right away, coming to grips with all it has to offer. If you prefer the workshop in English, please contact dp.educate-it@uu.nl for a personal appointment.

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