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26 April 2021

Follow open online courses (MOOCs) at Utrecht University!

Do you want to learn more about the importance of equality for democratic societies? Or are you interested in how recent societal and technological developments have changed the work of professionals? Then sign up for the upcoming sessions of the MOOCs Inequality and Democracy and Professionalism in an era of change at Utrecht University! You can sign up for free until May 4 2021. Next to these two MOOCs you can register for one of the five other MOOCs of Utrecht University.

15 April 2021

Save-the-date Strengthen-Your-Education-Week

Have you ever participated in the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week? Twice a year, we offer UU teachers a week full of workshops and lectures aimed at strengthening their teaching. The past two editions were successfully organized online, with many interesting and well-visited lectures and workshops. The summer edition will take place online from Monday 28 June to Friday 2 July 2021. Pre-register now for the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week. As soon as the programme is finalized we will let you know via email. New: provide a session or input for Strengthen Your Education Week! In this upcoming edition, we want to offer teachers the opportunity to contribute directly to the programme of the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week for the first time. We encourage all teachers to suggest topics for sessions, or sign up to host a session themselves.  Do you think the programme should feature a particular topic? Or would you like to share your teaching experiences with colleagues as a workshop leader? Then please contact us! Examples of a session you could host: a lecture, a round table discussion, an inspiration session, an interview, and so on. If you would like to host a session, please send us a draft text of no more than 200 words by Friday, April 30, in which you describe the content and purpose of your session (this does not have to be in detail yet). Rough ideas for sessions are also welcome! We will then develop the session together. Please note: if we receive too many contributions we will need to make a selection. 

15 April 2021

Education innovation think tank started: students contribute ideas to education projects

How do you involve students in education and educational innovation? Including the perspective of students in the design and innovation of education is very important. After all, education is for the student.  That's why Educate-it has developed a student think tank: a training programme in which students can give input on educational innovation projects that are currently being carried out within the UU. In return, they can gain new knowledge and skills. On April 14, the Education Innovation Think Tank started for the second time, this year with 13 participating students. Over a period of three months (from April to June 2021), four sessions will delve into various educational projects currently underway within the university, such as Learning analytics, Distance Education, Flexibilization of Education and Student Mobility, and Supporting Teachers in Innovating Education. The students think about the education of the future and the further development of the projects. During the sessions, students are first provided with the background and context of a project. This then allows them to provide targeted and valuable input on the project. The project leader incorporates this input into the project plan so that the student perspective really gets a place in the project discussed. The motivation of the participating students, who voluntarily take part in this training program, ranges from thinking about how education can be kept fun and accessible for both current and future students to learning how you get from idea to implementation. Collaborating across educational and faculty boundaries and actively contributing to promoting and safeguarding the quality of academic education are also considered important.

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